Ironheart #3

Written by Eve L. Ewing
Drawn by Geoffrey Beaulieu and Luciano Vecchio
Published by Marvel Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Ironheart #2

RiRi’s back in Chicago, staying with her mother as she investigates the disappearance of her childhood friend Daija, and tries to see if there’s a connection to the gang of children who are stealing electronics around town. Old neighborhood pal, and potential love interest, Xavier is on hand to help out, and we get several scenes in RiRi’s homemade lab which are designed to show off how smart she is. Then Daija suddenly shows up on the news, claiming that she just ran away from home and was accidentally knocked unconscious in the woods, but RiRi doesn’t buy that explanation and dons her armor to go see Daija in the hospital. Despite Daija’s protestations, RiRi is convinced that there’s more to this story, and she is correct as she is soon confronted by the supervillain Midnight’s Fire.

Another good issue, it’s about half and half in terms of drama and action, the first half being focused on the mystery of Daija’s disappearance, the second half being Ironheart vs. Midnight’s Fire. The battle is well-done in that it’s made clear that RiRi is still a relative novice in the superhero game, so she makes mistakes and isn’t overly confident when she fights a supervillain, but she’s adaptable and has a, well, iron heart, which keeps her from giving up.

I continue to enjoy this title and think you will too.

Ironheart #3

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