I Am A Victim of Credit Card Fraud, part 3


I Am A Victim Of Credit Card Fraud

I Am A Victim of Credit Card Fraud…AGAIN?!?

Now like a bad film franchise, we’ve got another unwanted installment in my credit card fraud saga.

This morning I got a phone call from an unidentified number that I didn’t recognize, so I just ignored it. Then I immediately got a text message from that same number claiming to be from the issuers of my SEARS credit card, asking me about a suspicious purchase, asking me to either confirm it via the text or, if it’s false, to call back. I wasn’t sure if it was a scam, so instead of responding to the text I logged on to my account, and I didn’t see anything about suspicious purchases, so then I looked and called the customer service number (which was different from the one I got the call and text from). Mostly I was thinking this was probably just a scam, but when I got a customer service rep online (after being on hold for almost 15 minutes) and asked her to look up my recent charges she did confirm two charges that were flagged as suspicious.

Yesterday there was an attempted $1 purchase on SPOTHERO, some kind of online parking reservation site and then this morning another $1 charge was attempted at STOP & SHOP, neither of these companies I had even heard of before today. And when I looked up the latter, I assumed this meant it was used at an actual grocery store, which would mean that they got a copy of my card somehow, since my card is in my possession, but it looks like you can order online from their website, so I guess that’s more likely. And the $1 charges were just attempts to see if the card info works, before making bigger charges.

So the charges were both declined and my account was locked down as they’re now preparing to sned me a new one. But the strangest thing once again is that, this is a that I rarely use. There are no more SEARS stores near me, but I have used this card to subscribe to a couple of ONLYFANS sites in the past two months, and a couple of PATREON sites before that. Could someone have hacked it from those sites? I don’t know, but, really, I just hate that this is a thing. It once against shows the vulnerability we place ourselves in as we conducts more and more of our commerce online. I’ve done the best I can to combat it, like setting spending alerts on all of my cards, which is what helped me today, but there’s still only so much we can do.

And once again, to whomever is doing this: KNOCK IT THE F**K OFF!

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