My Week In Review

It’s Sunday morning. Well, mid-morning, a little after 11am as I begin typing this. After doing a whole bunch of nothing yesterday, mostly sleeping and watching TV, I figured it’s time to put this day to use, and get back to writing. Let me tell you about my week, because I’m sure you’re all intensly interesting in that.

Work-wise, it was actually rather good for me. This was a suddenly and unsually slow week at my job (which is working as a shipper in a warehouse). Most days I was able to handle everything by myself, and didn’t need to work any overtime. The only shame was that we had the new warehouse manager from our Chicago branch in town Monday-Wednesday, to check out how we do things, and we had to point out that he was not getting a look at how we typically operate, because the days were so much slower than usual. I told him he should come back in December, that’s always busy.

We also had a lot of free food during the week, including donuts most mornings, pizza on Wedneday, and a client bought us all In-N-Out burgers on Thursday.

Also, for long-time readers, you’ll remember how I began using Uber and Lyft years ago, as I parked my car at my mother and stepfather’s house, for safety reasons. Well, about three weeks ago I’ve slowly began parking on my own street again. It’s mainly a financial issue, as I’ve been spending around $320 a month on the rideshare companies, which was worth the piece of mind it gave me, but now I need to start saving as much money as I can. Our neighborhood voted to encate permite parking, which eliminates the folks who live on other streets from parking on ours, but there’s still a lot of cars. So, for now, I still leave my car at my mother’s over the weekends, but Monday night through Friday morning I park on my street. Monday-Wednesday I easily got my preferred space, which is right in front of my house, when I got home after work, so that was good. I do seem to be having this problem with my car accelerating first thing in the morning. A coworker says I may need to get my spark plugs checked.

And…well, I guess that’s it. Not much of a week to review is it? I guess my life is that boring.

What do YOU think?

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