Rest In Peace, Naya, Benjamin, and Kelly

Some sad celebrity deaths in the past few days.

NAYA RIVERA, JAN. 12, 1987- JUL. 8, 2020

I’ll admit that I wasn’t really familiar with her, as I never watched GLEE, the role she is most known for. But the whole story of this really hits the gut. Dying by drowning (one of my worst fears, and why as a grown man I still have not attempted to learn how to swim), while out with her 4 year old son, who was left and watched his mother dive into the water and then not come back up. That’s going to stick with the poor kid. And her body being lost for five days, only just found today. It’s all a big tragedy.

BENJAMIN KEOUGH, Oct. 21, 1992 – Jul. 12, 2020

As someone who grew up loving Elvis, as well as being a fan of Priscilla Presley on DALLAS and Riley Keough on THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, this saddens me to see his family having to go through this. Benjamin stayed out of the spotlight, so I didn’t know much about him. But I know that 27 is too young to die, especially by suicide, which is never the solution. Whatever personal demons he was facing, he still had so much time ahead of him to overcome them. It such a shame that this young man couldn’t see that, that he fell into such despair that he took this way out.

And then this morning I see…

KELLY PRESTON, Oct. 13, 1962 – JULY 12, 2020

Another tragedy, this woman already suffered through the death of her son Jett in 2009, something no parent should ever have to experience. But then to lose her own life too soon to this damned cancer disease too? And yes I feel especially sorry for her husband John Travolta. This man has experienced much loss in his. He not only has now lost his wife, after losing his son, but when he was younger he lost his first love, Diana Hyland, to breast cancer! To lose another loved one to breast cancer has got to be devastating to the poor man.

Appreciate your loved ones when you can, folks, because you never know when it will be the last time you see them. None of us are promised tomorrow.

What do YOU think?

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