Crossover #2

Written by Donny Cates
Drawn by Geoff Shaw
Published by Image Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Crossover #1

Well, this issue certainly reveals a lot more about this world. We learn that when the forcefield (which is referred to as “the dome”) went up around Colorado not all of the formerly fictional characters were inside it. Some superheroes and regular non-powered people who were from the comic-book universes were outside and many of them got rounded up by the U.S. Government. The superheroes were put into special prisons, with technology that can dampen their powers. The non-powered people were taken to special camps where they could be monitored. And some of the people were taken away for mysterious experiments.

In the aftermath of Otto’s comic-book store being burned down, he, Ellipses and Ava make it back to his house, where Otto still wants to turn Ava in. But after Ava tells them about the camps, Ellipses has the idea that they should go back to the camp and see if they can find and rescue Ava’s parents and find the person responsible for getting people out (a person who is hinted at being a pretty major well-known superhero).

Meanwhile, Ryan, who we learn is the son of a rich and influential anti-superhero religious figure is taken to a mysterious figure, a top-secret government official, who tells him about the superhero prisons, and makes him an offer than he can’t refuse.

Donny Cates continues his streak of revealing just enough to keep the story moving forward while leaving the reading wanting more. There are also some funny in-jokes, such as news reports that several real-life comic-book writers have been found murdered due to the anti-superhero hysteria, and scenes of the special prison where it’s implied that several famous superheroes like Spawn and The Thing, are being held in those cells. That latter is helped by the stellar artwork of Geoff Shaw.

Crossover is shaping up to be one of the best new titles I’ve read this year!

Crossover #2

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