Vaccines and Microchips

The above post is funny because it’s so true.

The Coronavirus vaccines have been rolling out, and I’ve known several people who’ve gotten it, mostly online but some in real life like my stepfather. Most (but not all) of them have said that they experienced some symptoms after the second does. Sore arms, headaches, chills, of various extremes, usually lasting about two days. So keep that in mind when it’s your time to get it, like if you’re still working you may want to schedule your second dose for a Friday when you can stay home that weekend to recover.

As you all know, I’ve been working during these entire pandemic, so I plan to get the vaccine as soon as I’m able to. I understand hesitations for health reasons, it is a new vaccine and normally I might want to be sure about possible long-term affects first, but being potentially exposed like I am, I think it’s worth the risk.

One thing I don’t get at all though are all the people who believe in these conspiracies about the vaccine being some ruse to implant microchips for the government to track you. And I’ve said before the right to privacy is my biggest “political” concern, I believe that should be protected, but this particular conspiracy theory just seems so silly. First of all, like the post says, who are you and what makes you so special that you think the government needs to be tracking your daily movements? What are doing that is so special or secretive? The vast majority of people, including myself, are just living boring daily lives. Shoot, I’d feel sorry for any government against charged with keep tracking of my daily movements. Here, I’ll give you a rundown of my past week:

Starting last weekend, Saturday and Sunday I was home all day.

Monday I went to Albertsons, then I want to Vons (because Albertsons didn’t have the microwave burritos that I wanted), and then I went to work. After work I went straight home.

Tuesday I went to my mother and stepfather’s house to drop off my rent money (my mother owns the house that I live in) and then I went to work. After work I went straight home.

Wednesday I went straight to work. After work I went straight home.

Thursday I went to Albertsons, then I went to the .99 Cent store, and then I went to work. After work I went straight home.

Friday I went to Target, then I stopped at a gas station to fill up my car, then I went to work. After work I went straight home.

Saturday and today I’ve just been home.

I know, real exciting, ain’t it?

That’s pretty much a typical week for me, except I only need to stop at my mother’s once a month, and most weeks I only need to go to grocery stores twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays (specifically because I like to buy these special fruit salad bowls that I eat for lunch at work, and because of the expiration dates I can only get 3 days worth at a time), and I always prefer to do my grocery shopping in the morning on my way to work. Because of the pandemic, I’m still limiting non-essential activities. so it’s just to work during the week and then staying home on weekends.

So what would I be hiding from the government? The government which already knows where I live and where I work? Most of shopping is done with a debit or credit card, meaning my purchases are documented. And of course, like most of you, I have a smartphone which is taken with me everywhere I go, which can also be used to track me. And that goes for you too, so take off the tin foil hat and get vaccinated as soon as you can.

What do YOU think?

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