JINGLE BELLE: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein

Written by Paul Dini
Drawn by Stephanie Gladden
Published by Image Comics/Top Cow Productions

Jingle Belle is Santa Claus’ mischievious half-elf daughter who has a penchant for getting into trouble. She’s 151 years old, which is described as being 16 in “elf years,.” In this special one-shot issue it’s a few days before Christmas, and Jingle Belle is off skiing in the snow when she’s supposed to be helping build toys with the elves in Santa’s factory. Jingle Belle has an accident and falls through some ice and lands in a cave which contains Frankenstein’s Monster, who is frozen in a big block of ice. Jingle Belle thaws him out, and takes him back to Santa’s house, where the monster, whom she nicknames “Frankie”, is shocked to find out that in all the decades since he was frozen he’s a famous pop culture figure that even has toys based on him. Jingle Belle introduces him to her father, who ends up reluctantly agreeing to let Frankie stay with him and begin making toys with the elves. Frankie feels happy and with a purpose for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile, there’s a city in Massachusetts where a self-serviing and overly politically correct City Councilwoman is trying to pass a law that bans Santa Clause and all images of him from her city. When Frankie sees a news report about this on TV, he gets upset and in his zeal to defend his new friend and benefactor, he convinces Jingle Belle to join him as they head to the city to confront the Councilwoman. Dressed in a Santa suit, Frankie is taken for the real Santa Clause but his monsterous appearance scares people, which the Councilwoman takes as proof that Santa Claus should be banned. This forces the real Santa Claus to show up to defend his good name.

I won’t spoil what happens next, you’ll have to read this issue to find out. But it’s a very enteraining and funny tale that I think you’ll enjoy. It’s suitable for all ages, with some animated-style artwork that is geourgous to look at.

Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein

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