If Your Body Was A Car


How are you?

Consider this post a bit of a wellness check. I hope everyone reading this is doing okay. I know the past few years have been rough for many people. From the pandemic to natural disasters, people are suffering or are just a bit on edge. These past two months have been less-than-ideal for me, for various reasons, but I keep trying not to complain too much as I have friends going through much worse.

Anyway, I just want to remind you all to try to take care of yourself, as best you can. I see things like Coolio’s sudden death at 59, and it reminds me how short life can be. So don’t ignore your health. Go to your doctor, your dentist, your optometrist. Don’t put it off.

I saw some meme about treating your body like it’s a luxury car, and I thought that was a good analogy, but it doesn’t need to be a luxury car.

Think about it this way. Imagine that when you turn 16 and get a driver’s license you get a car. And that car is the one and only car you will ever own for the rest of your entire life. It’s brand new when you get it, but no matter what happens you’ll never be able to get another one. If fix or replace any parts that can be fixed or replaced (if you can afford it), but you can get a new one and when if it’s broken down for good, that’s it. You just don’t have a car anymore.

Now, if you knew that when you got that car, wouldn’t you take the best care of it that you could? You’d drive safely, be careful how and where you park, you’d make sure you put the best gas in it, getting regular oil changes, etc? Well, that’s your body. Until they invent cloning, this is the only one you’re getting, so take care of it.

What do YOU think?

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