Last year I wrote a blog where I listed MY 10 FAVORITE SUPERHEROES
Today I’m revisiting that list. This time I’m speculating as to what their individual political leanings are, and whothey voted for in the last election, President Barack Hussein Obama or Sen. McCain?


In his secret identity, Captain Marvel is actually a teenage
boy, Billy Batson, so he’s too young to vote. But, like most
young people, I see him has totally excited by Barack Hussein
Obama, & is happy that he won.


Spider-Man is all about helping out “the little guy.” He’s
also experienced being hassled by the cops, who think he’s
a criminal, so he’d be sensitive to things like racial profiling,
& police brutality. And he grew up being raised by his Aunt,
who was always struggling for money. So I think that Peter
Parker is a liberal Democrat, who voted for Barack Hussein


This was a tough one. He’s rich, so that lends him towards
being a Republican. And he’s all about maintaining law & order,
by any means necessary, even if that means occasionally using
techniques which could be described as psychological torture on
criminals toget information from them. But, on other hand, he never
kills bad guys, not even insane mass murderers like the Joker, and
he is vehemently anti-gun. And, early in his career, he was fighting
against the corrupt local government as much as he was fighting
against the criminals. So he doesn’t fit into an ideological box so
easily. He’s probably registered independent.

My best guest is that the politician he would most closely identify
with is former NY Mayor Giuliani, who is moderate on social issues,
but really tough on crime. I think Batman would admire the way
Mayor Giuliani brought down the crime rate in NYC, & thought he
would be good for the country. So I think, as Bruce Wayne, he endorsed
Mayor Giuliani & held a couple of fund-raisers in Gotham, with all of his
other rich friends, for him. And then, when Mayor Giuliani dropped out,
Bruce Wayne probably ended up supporting Sen. McCain by default. Not
as enthusiastically as he supported Mayor Giuliani, but still thought
Sen. McCain would be tougher on crime & terrorism.


I think that, as a matter of principle, Superman is registered
as an independent. And, as a news reporter, he strives to be
fair & balanced. He’s Superman, so he’s here to protect & defend
everyone. But he was raised on a farm in the Midwest,
So he probably has some old-fashioned traditional values, which
could be considered “conservative.”

Plus, Superman, as a character, very much represents preserving
the status quo. He’ll fight criminals, supervillains, & stop natural
disasters, but he doesn’t go around getting intimately involved in
human events. He doesn’t stop wars between nations, or anything
like that. And he seems to have a natural faith in our political
system, & therefore is willing to work with the U.S. President
whether he’s a Democrat:



Or a Republican:



Or his worst enemy:



So I think he bases his votes on the individual, not the
party that they belong too. He probably voted for Ronald
Reagan in the 80’s, & Bill Clinton in the 90’s. But he was
disgusted to learn of the Monica Lewinsky scandal (Superman
would NEVER condone adultery) & so therefore voted for
George W. Bush in 2000 over Gore, because he wanted a
clean break from the Clinton Administration @ that point.
I’m not sure if he stuck with Bush in 2004, or voted for Sen.
Kerry, but I think that in 2008 he was impressed with the
way Barack Hussein Obama inspired so many people (which
is exactly what Superman tries to do) & voted for him.


His wife, Lois Lane, on the other hand, grew up in
a military family, and is Republican who firmly
supported Sen. McCain, & she hopes that Gov.
Palin runs for President in 2012. I bet that Lois &
Clark had some rather heated debates about
this @ the dinner table last year, but they always
kissed & made-up afterwards.


As the King of an extremely isolationist African nation,
he’s only marginally interested in our Presidential
elections. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s spent several
years in America as a member of the superhero Team, The
Avengers (& as a temporary member of the Fantastic Four),
he wouldn’t have any interest @ all.

He’s faced diplomatic problems with America, including
various invasion attempts involving rogue elements of the U.S.
Intelligence Community, under both the Bush & Clinton
Administrations, So labels like “Democrat” and “Republican”
mean little to him, & ultimately sees our President as merely a
political figurehead. He’s admitted to having his lobbyists make
political donations to “conservative” (presumably Republican)
U.S. congress members, in the past, to have them argue against
the passage of the U.S. Super Hero Registration Act. I think he’s
a little happy to see an American with direct roots to Africa get
elected, as a symbolic gesture, but isn’t sure that it will really
make a difference in the long run.

His American-born (& daughter of Kenyan immigrants) wife,
Storm, on the other hand, no longer votes in American elections
since she became Queen of Wakanda, but is overjoyed @ Barack
Hussein Obama’s election.


She’s a foreign citizen, so she didn’t vote, but
spends most of her time living & working in America, so
she would be interested in our political process. I know
it’s easy to assume that she’s a Radical feminist, who
thinks women are superior to men. Well, where she comes
from, women are superior to men, but that doesn’t men
she thinks women should be in control of everything.

I see her as “liberal” on certain social issues, like gay
rights (since It’s been established that some, but not
all, of the amazons on Paradise Island are involved in
lesbian relationships) & civil rights (she once dated a
Black man). But she would be adamantly opposed to
abortion. The Greek Gods created the original amazons
by using the souls of women who had been murdered by
men. And Wonder Woman’s mother was created from the
soul of A woman who was pregnant when she was killed,
and the soul of that unborn child was later used to create
Wonder Woman herself.

And she’s a warrior. Unlike her contemporaries, Superman
& Batman, she has no problem with killing an opponent, if
that’s the only way to stop them. She’d be against gun
control, probably thinks it’s every citizen’s duty to own a
weapon & know how to use it, & would probably support the
concept of pre-emptive strikes, as a military option. So
I bet she would’ve initially backed Bush’s war in Iraq. So I
think that, to whatever degree she cared, she would’ve
preferred McCain as U.S. President.


I look @ the Green Lantern Corp. as sort of a
military organization. And military men tend to be more
conservative than the average citizen, I think. So I think
he’s a moderate Republican, who voted for Bush both
times & was inclined to vote for McCain last year, although
it’s possible that he may have been tempted to switch sides
& vote for Barack Hussein Obama like Colin Powell did. But
I’m not sure.

Quick note on the other American Green Lanterns: HAL
JORDAN: Conservative Republican – voted for McCain.
KYLE RAYNOR: Liberal Democrat – voted for Barack Hussein
Obama. GUY GARDER: Far-Right Republican. Thinks Barack
Hussein Obama is a radical socialist. He voted for
Alan Keyes, as an independent, because he thought John
McCain was too “liberal”, & didn’t think Sarah Palin (or any
woman, really) was qualified to be V.P.


This was the easiest to figure out. He’s a moderate
Republican who supported John McCain. From day one,
there was never any question in his mind, since John
McCain practically is a real-life Captain America, minus
the super-powers. Nevertheless, As a patriot and
dedicated soldier, he now backs President Barack Hussein
Obama 100%, for as long as he’s in office.


He’s an immortal Norse GOD. He couldn’t care
less about our silly political process. But, if he did,
he’d probably support McCain, for much the same
reasons as Wonder Woman.


I don’t think he cares much about politics, either.
Though he probably identifies with Barack Hussein
Obama on some level, due to them both having
“mixed” backgrounds (the President is half Black/half
White, Blade is half human/half vampire), but he’s too
focused on his nonstop mission to rid the world of
vampires to waste any time voting.

And a few notes on some other notable superheroes:

IRON MAN: Billionaire + weapons-dealer = Republican.
Voted for McCain.
DAREDEVIL: Liberal lawyer. A Catholic, who idolizes
the Kennedy’s. Democrat. Voted for Barack Hussein Obama
HANCOCK: Doesn’t care much about politics. Never voted
before, until 2008, when he voted for Barack Hussein
Obama, just because he’s Black.
THE FANTASTIC FOUR: Split. Mr. Fantastic & The Thing
are Republicans who voted for McCain, while The Invisible
Woman & The Human Torch are Democrats who voted for
Barack Hussein Obama (although the Invisible Woman originally
wanted Hillary Clinton for President).


  1. Yep. It was back when writer/artist Phil Jimenez took over her series. He said he noticed, from fan letters and websites, that the book had a lot of Black fans, so he when he decided to give WW a love interest, he made him a Black man. His name was Trevor Barnes & he worked for the U.N.

    After Jimenez left the book, the next writer had him get turned into rain, or something. And he was never heard from again.


  2. My favorites:

    Cap: Republican
    Iron Man: Republican
    Hawkeye: Dem idealist
    Daredevil: Democrat
    Hawkman: Repub
    Mr. Fantastic: Republican
    Thing: Independent
    Invisible Woman: Democrat
    Human Torch: Democrat
    Dr Strange: Democrat

    Batman: Republican (Old school money)
    Superman: Democrat
    Wonder Woman: Democrat
    Green Lantern (all of them, except Kyle): Republican
    Green Arrow: He’s a lefty


  3. You got Wonder Woman wrong! She maybe a warrior but her’s is a peaceful mission. Plenty of people still wind up getting hurt, though. Given that inherent contradiction – she’s bound to be a liberal!


    • Sure, she’s on a mission of peace. But former President Bush thought he could bring peace to Iraq and, in order to do that, he had to go to war. Sometimes “peace” is bloody. I think that’s what Wonder Woman would understand.


  4. The Superman entry reminds me of the “President Lex” storyline, and how it really didn’t seem to go anywhere, & didn’t become a major factor until it ended during the first arc in Loeb’s “Superman/Batman” series.
    Now Marvel is essentially doing the same with “Dark Reign” and Norman Osborn taking over.


    • President Lex was a huge wasted opportunity. DC should have really played up that storyline company-wide. Not saying it should have necessarily been a massive crossover, but it should have had an effect in multiple books. Like Lex directing the FBI to more aggressively go after costumed vigilanties, and so we see Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, etc. facing more hostile law enforcement in their books. Lex should have formed his own, federally funded, “Justice Legion,” lead by Captain Atom, to replace the JLA and JSA. You could see the superhero community split, with some wanting to publicly oppose Lex, yet others think he’s doing a pretty good job. There was lots of potential there.


  5. They all make sense to me, even though most of them (as you said) wouldn’t be able to vote. Love the bit about Guy Gardner.


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