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Topic from today’s Daily Post:

When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

First, we’ll have to assume that this thing has been tested a billion times and used by millions of people before I’d ever even think of trying any kind of teleportation device. I still probably never would, because I’d be worried about the stuff they never talk about on Star Trek, like, what if I’m accidentally teleported inside a solid object? Or @ the bottom of the sea, or in deep space. That’s instant death, forget it. Not worth the risk.

But, strictly hypothetically, the first place I could think of would be to teleport myself to Nelson Mandela’s house in South Africa. I’d just like to meet him, and shake his hand, before he dies. Then I might want to look around South Africa, I’ve always been curious about. I could go visit my Facebook friend Shinique Van Der Linde over there.

After that I’d pop over to England, look up some more Facebook friends, and do some sightseeing. Maybe Israel. There really aren’t many other places that I have a burning desire to visit. I’m pretty much a homebody, got everything I need here in Southern California.

The thing I could see a personal teleporter coming in handy would be for regular travel. No more having to fight traffic in my car. If I need to go the grocery store or something I could just beam over there, buy my stuff and then beam back. That would certainly save a lot of time.

What do YOU think?

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