Times like this I am really glad that I live on the West Coast. I don’t know how folks in the midwest deal with all that snow. At work our Chicago warehouse was shut down today, because no one could go out, and my friend from Chicago sent me a text-picture of the front of his home, where he had to spend 9 hours shoveling snow. Sheesh.

Stuff like this makes me realize how I really shouldn’t complain about anything, but, well…I had to take my car to the shop in the morning. Again. I had noticed that when I’d start to press on the brakes to slow down, I’d hear a loud rumbling. So I took it to the Sears Auto Shop in the morning, and they fixed them. They did a really good job, I must say. When I started driving again, I noticed that the breaks were more powerful now, just some slight pressure now stops the car. So that took a little adjustment on my part. This cost me 196.32, which isn’t too bad until you add that to the $255 I just spent last Saturday for my fuel pump, and the $210 I spent the Tuesday before that on my water pump. So I’ve spent $661.32 on my car this year already and it’s only Feb. 2! Good grief. Apparently, I jumped the gun in assuming that my luck was getting better.

And if I hear one more person say that I need to get a new car, I’m slapping them. Yeah, I know that, DUH. But I can’t afford it at that moment, so this is the best I can do.


That’s too tough. My greatest living hero is Muhammad Ali

I admire the way he always spoke his mind, and stood up for what he believed in, even when it risked his freedom (such as when he refused to be drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam) and was also willing to admit when he was wrong and to change his mind, when his beliefs changed (such as when he finally rejected the racist version of Islam taught by Elijah Muhammad). The fact that he was also the Greatest Boxer Of All Time is just a plus.

For historical heroes, I’ll make it a tie

’nuff said.

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