I’m honestly surprised that this crossover hasn’t happened yet. Especially during the 90’s, when Marvel and DC were more open to crossovers, including the big Marvel Vs. DC miniseries that lead to the Amalgam Universe, where Wolverine and Batman were merged as Dark Claw (which was pretty awesome).


Back then Batman teamed with Marvel characters Spider-Man, Punisher, and Daredevil twice each. Yet they never teamed him up with Wolverine, who was arguably as popular as Spider-Man, as far as Marvel characters go. So it would seem like a natural choice for a comic. This would have been like printing money during the 90’s comic-book boom. And even now, after the success of the new Batman and X-Men films, the interest would be rather high.

Well, I think the premise I would use would be Ra’s Al Ghul‘s League of Assassins either joins forces with, or competes against The Hand, in some big worldwide terrorist plot. Independently, both heroes find out about the plot and try to stop it, with Batman coming up against The Hand and Wolverine coming up against Ra’s. I’d add a couple of other villains, The Hand hires Lady Deathstrike to kill Batman while Ras hires Lady Shiva to kill Wolverine. Eventually, the two heroes meet. I’d avoid the cliche of having them fight (realistically, Wolverine should be able to slaughter Batman rather easily), because they’ve both heard of each other before, and therefor know that they’re on the same side. There might be some conflict between the two, as Wolverine is willing to kill, while Batman is against it, but they’d work it out without coming to blows. And it would have to be a big double-sized issue, as I’d want the plot to be international, with the heroes traveling across the globe, to places like Japan and Saudi Arabia.

For the creative team, I think I’d pick Ed Brubaker as my ideal writer. He’s worked for both companies, and written both characters, so he should be able to handle it. For the art I think either Jim Lee or John Romita Jr. I know this will never happen, but I’d love it.


  1. Seriously this is the first time I am hearing of this Dark Claw comic. Again, another interesting setup. I think you give Wolverine too much credit though, yes he has adamantium and a berzerker rage on his side, Batman has been trained in all the world’s known martial arts to if I were a betting man I would place it on Batman. Definitely agree with either Romita or Jim Lee doing the art. I am a fan of both.


    • I’d say Batman’s martial arts skills are irrelevant in this case, as he should never be able to even land a punch, or a kick, on Wolverine, thanks to Logan’s enhanced senses. Even with his eyes closed, he could hear, and smell, Batman’s fist coming towards him.


      • Totally agree, J.R. LeMar.

        Honestly, between Wolverine’s experience and brutality and Batman’s tech and intelligence… I’d call it a draw (if we’re only doing a oneshot that’s cross published by both companies). Wolverine wouldn’t kill Batman, especially if he was familiar with Batman’s reputation (which, who isn’t?), and Batman just isn’t going to take Wolverine down in a straight fight. Wolverine always threatens to kill other heroes, but he never does, and even with prep, Wolverine could probably slash his way out of Batman’s tech and tricks. They’d probably just take the measure of the other, argue about the morality of killing criminals, and then go their separate ways to take out the villains (or maaaayybee begrudgingly team-up with lots of angry bantering involved).

        I think your plot is great. Just to share, my idea for the book was always “What if Wolverine Was One of Batman’s Teachers?” Like Ducard, Ted Grant or whomever he picked up his fighting and detective skills from. Wolverine’s old enough, that I could see a young, angry Bruce Wayne trekking out to a lone cabin in the middle of the Canadian Wilderness, to hunt down the local “wild man”. Logan teaches Brucie survival skills, but also cements in him, inadvertently, an understanding that rage has to be controlled. A decade later, they’re put into a position where Batman has to keep Wolvie from “going to far” in capturing a couple of villains. Maybe Ogun and Ra’s Al Ghul. Also, I’d love for a Joker/ Sabretooth moment or something at some point in the book. Even if it’s just a single page, that ends with Joker acid squirting Sabretooth in the face and walking off. And maybe a Robin, Kitty Pryde and/or Jubilee make-out session, although I guess we kinda got that in DC/Marvel. Alfred serves Prof. X tea. Mansion comparisons. Wolverine points out that he likes Batman’s yellow and black insignia better than his black on grey.

        Anyway, great plot concept and thank you for acknowledging that this was a really huge missed opportunity for both companies. God, I wish this book existed. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to nerd out.

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