After I reviewed SUPERIOR #1, I reviewed the subsequent issues on a new comic-book review website, but then the owner went and shut it down without telling me, so they’re all gone. I figured I’d re-write the reviews and post them here.

This issue picks up where the last issue left off. Simon has mysteriously been turned into his favorite fictional character, Superior, looking exactly like the actor who plays Superior in the movies. He sneaks into his best friend Chris’ bedroom, where Chris initially freaks out until Simon eventually convinces Chris who he is. The two boys decide to go out to a private area in the woods, where they can test out Simon’s powers. Over the next few pages we get a montage of Simon exploring his new powers, including telescopic, microscopic, and x-ray vision. Then he almost starts a forest fire with his laser vision, and has to use his super breath to put it out. They also test out his super strength, with some very touching flashbacks that show Simon when he was first getting used to having multiple sclerosis. I thought that was an interesting comparison, from coping with that illness to using his super powers, since in each case he to get used to being in his own body. Then Chris finally convinces Simon to try flying, which Simon is kind of scared to at first. But then the sheer joy of being able to fly is evident on his face, once he takes to the skies. Then the story ends, when Simon notices a crashing space station.

What I remember most about this issue is that after I finished it I decided to give up on this series. I didn’t like the first issue as much as I’d hope, and this issue didn’t seem much better. The frequent cursing in this issue bothered me, as it had in the first issue. But it was more prevalent here, and it just seemed so unnecessary. It’s as if Millar put cursing in this book, just because he can, even though it’s doesn’t add anything to the story. Yes, I know these are two 12 year old boys as the primary characters, and kids do curse, but it felt over the top to me, and it’s especially jarring because, as I noted in the first issue, it’s the ONLY thing that keeps this from being a true all-ages title. Just like the previous issue, this one ends with a splash-page that has the main character using a big curse word.

Also, I continue to be unimpressed with Yu’s artwork. When I read the almost universal praise for his art that others give it online, I feel as if I am in the bizarro world, because when I look at it, I just don’t see what’s so great about it. I couldn’t even tell exactly what the damaged space station was supposed to be when I first saw it in the issue, and only knew it because I read about it on Mark Millar’s message board. But, as I said before, his works is not so bad that it by itself will keep me away from the book. And, obviously, I did come back for issue #3 after all.

Superior #2


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