So, I was underwhelmed by Superior #1, and then decided to drop the series altogether after I read Superior #2, nevertheless, I found myself at my local comic-book store to get some other comics on the same week that Superior #3 came out, and I ended up picking it up on impulse. And I must say that I’m pretty glad that I gave this series a 2nd chance.

This issue opens where the last issue left off. And American space station has been damaged by a meteor shower, and is set to crash in the middle of New York City, not only killing the entire crew, but also many innocent bystanders on the ground. Fortunately Simon, as Superior, catches the space station and manages to bring it down safely. But it’s mentioned that, because it all happened so fast, most of the public never really saw Superior in action, they just saw the space station land. Then we see Simon taking care of a meltdown at a Pennsylvania power plant, stopping a runaway train, and personally flying an ambulance, which had been stuck in traffic, to the nearest hospital. But it’s not until he drags a damaged submarine out of the water and onto a beach that the public finally gets a good look at him, and becomes aware of his existence. Then we’re introduced to Madeline Knox, a TV reporter, talking to her boss as they try to figure out what is really going on. The boss thinks this is a massive hoax set up by the movie studio that makes the Superior movies, but Madeline points out that something on this scale would cost billions of dollars, and she becomes determined to find out the truth.

The issue ends with Simon back in Chris’ bedroom, where he’s been hiding out. They debate what Simon should do next, especially how he should tell his mom. Then Simon tells Chris his theory that perhaps this all happened because of his nightly prayers, and if perhaps Ormon, the space monkey who transformed Simon into Superior is, in fact, an angel from Heaven. Then we get a glimpse of Ormon outside the window, with a rather sinister look on his face. . .

Overall, this issue was a bit better than the last. The cursing, which bothered me so much in the first two issues, was toned down here, although still present, and even inconsistent. In one page Chris says “shit” and then on the next page he says “friggin.” It’s really unnatural. Yu’s artwork is still not my cup of tea, and I notice that he draws Madeline Knox with lots of cleavage exposed. Similar images are noticeable in the pages on the beach. It comes off as a bit cheap and exploitative. The coloring by V.C.’s Clayton Cowles also leave much to be desired in this series, so far. It’s all very muted and dull, when it seems like these scenes should be bright and shiney.

But, the bottom line is, this issue was good enough to make me come back for the next one.

Superior #3


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