Image by Celina Hernandez

Someone asked me what I would would do if I a genie offered me three wishes.


I wouldn’t wish for immortality, because who wants to live forever? Just make physically perfect now, so I can have nice long healthy life. I’d want to be in great shape, heart, lungs, and all other organs working in perfect order, great eyesight, hearing (especially getting rid of my tinnitus), good blood pressure, etc. And from then on, I’ll work out and eat right in order to maintain my health as well as possible.


I know everyone dreams of wishing to be rich, but instead of just asking for X amount of dollars, I’ll make my own money. With a photographic memory, I’ll quickly learn all I need to learn to become rich. I can spend a month reading a ton of books, or looking up what I need online. I’ll go to the top medical campus, get all the books I need in the library, memorize them, and then take the test to become a doctor. Then do the same to pass the bar exam and become a lawyer. Read all I need to become an account, stock broker, and investment banker. Read a bunch of foreign language dictionaries to become fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Swedish, and a bunch more. By the time I’m done, I’ll be a master of dozens of fields. Then I’ll use all that knowledge to figure out the best way to become a hugely successful businessman.


That’s so I can see any hot woman naked whenever I want.

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