I watched the new Two And A Half Men Monday night. I know I said I would stop, but I end up watching by default, as I’m now hooked on the show that immediately precedes it, 2 Broke Girls. It’s not the funniest show in the world but, dang, co-star Kat Dennings is smokin’! I don’t know what it is about her…


…well, okay, it’s her huge breasts (which are often prominently display during the show).

Anyway, back to Two And A Half Men, it’s just so pointless. I should say that I didn’t originally watch the first-run episodes of the show. I only started watching a few years ago, when a local station started running re-runs at 7pm on weekdays, as well as later at night, and sometimes on weekends. So it would be on a lot, and I’d find myself tuning in, and I liked it. But I was seeing the earlier episodes, when the show’s premise made more sense. Back then it was about these two brothers who were opposites, the wild bachelor who always has luck with the ladies, and the poor schmuck who can never seem to do anything right. And then there was the cute little chubby kid.

Well, the biggest problem with the newest episodes is that Jake (Angus T. Jones) is not a cute little chubby kid anymore. He’s a big teenager, and now all the things that were cute about him as a kid just look annoying. Farting & belching all the time isn’t funny now. And with Charlie Sheen’s character written out now, the premise makes even less sense. When Jon Cryer’s character, Alan, had to move in with his brother, it was because he was dumped by his wife and didn’t have any money left after paying alimony and child support, so he needed his brother’s help. The joke was that he was mooching, but at least he was mooching off family. Now he’s mooching off a complete stranger, which just seems more pathetic. And they’re even writing the character that way, now, where he intentionally schemed to move back into the house,with Walden. Again, before, he was down on his luck because bad things always happened to him beyond his fault. His first wife left him, he second wife left him, all his other relationships eventually floundered, but now it’s like he’s choosing to be a loser. And that’s not something I want to see.

As for Ashton Kutcher, he does a fine job. I mean, he’s basically playing a grown up version of his character from That 70’s Show, or Dude Where’s My Car. And maybe it could have worked if this had happened a few seasons ago, but I think it’s just too late now. The show has run it’s course. They should have just ended it when Sheen was fired. It lasted 8 years, that’s a great run. Let it go now. Even if Sheen was still in it, it probably should have just ended by now. Yeah, I know, it was still getting great ratings, so the network wants to try and keep that going. And, of course, the biggest reason is that producer Chuck Lorre wanted to stick it to Sheen by going on with out him. But tons of hit show go out on top. Better to quit when people are still loving the show, like Seinfeld, than to eventually just fall in the ratings and be canceled when nobody cares anymore. Go out on top.

Just my opinion.


What do YOU think?

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