ANGER MANAGEMENT (the new Charlie Sheen TV Show)

They premiered the first two episodes of this show tonight, and I watched them. I wanted to like it, really. I’ve written before how it’s easy to forget that Charlie Sheen is actually a really good actor. And I tend to root for the underdog, the person everyone else is rooting against (which is also why I celebrated LeBron James’ victory with the Miami Heat last week, even though I don’t even like basketball), and I know lots of folks want him to fail because of all of his crazy antics last year. Plus, Two & A Half Men sucks now (although I blame the writers for that, not Ashton Kutcher, or the rest of that cast), so it would be nice to be able to add a new show to my viewing list, to replace the one I dropped.

But I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s an interesting premise (Sheen is a former pro baseball player, who injured himself because of his own anger issues, and then went back to college to become a therapist, dealing with people who have anger management issues), with some great cast members (including Michael Boatman as Charlie’s womanizing buddy, Selma Blair as a fellow therapist that Charlie has a sexual relationship with, and Brett Butler as a local bartender), but something just wasn’t clicking for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I didn’t laugh even once during either episode. It just seemed so traditional, and by-the-numbers, with it’s multi-camera shots and unbelievably fake laugh track. Definitely felt out of place on a station like F/X. I think Sheen may be playing it a little too safe, in his bid to have another hit sitcom. He should have tried for something a little more potentially subversive, like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

I may give it one more shot, next week. But if it’s not any better, that’s it for me.

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