I know, I probably should change this blog name from to, but I have just been so busy with work that it’s like the creative side of my brain has shut down completely. I should explain, I work for an orthopedic supplies (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, etc.) distributor. I’m a shipper in the warehouse of our main branch (we also have a branch on the East Coast), I ship packages out via Fed Ex & UPS, and, since February, our business has been increasing steadily, with what feels like double the amount of regular orders. Of course, I know that’s good. It’s great, in fact, for the company and for me. I’ve had people say things like “Hey, that’s job security!” And, they’re right. One thing I definitely don’t have to worry about right now is getting laid off. I can still get fired, but I am in no immediate danger @ all of being laid off. Although, with my particular position, that was never a big concern. As the shipper, even if business started dropping off steeply, I’d be one of the last people laid off. They’d first get rid of some salespeople and customer service people in the front office, and some of the other other warehouse workers, like the guys who unload the containers and pulls the orders, to cut back on expenses, and just make the remaining workers cover for them. By the time they get to me, they’d just be shutting down the whole company. So I’m good.

But I have got to say, this is not easy. This isn’t a sit down job, I’m standing all day long, except for when I can sit down during my two 15-minute breaks, and my half-hour lunch. And, frankly, some days I’m so busy I just keep working during one or both of my breaks. Occasionally, I even just keep working during lunch, eating while I work. And I sometimes I go in early, to try to get caught up. We got pretty backed up Friday, so I think I’m going to go in an hour early tomorrow morning (no, I don’t get paid extra when I do that, I just do it anyway because that’s how I am, for some reason). So the other consequence of this is that my feet always hurt. I’m talking constant pain. Not excruciating pain, and sometimes it’s not as bad as other times, but it’s always there. It’s like my tinnitus, most of the time I don’t notice it because I’m busy, but it’s always there. It gets worse as the days progress, and throughout the week. No matter how much I stay off my feet @ home, it’s never long enough for the pain to go away completely. I’m sure this also due to age. Before I worked @ my current job, I was doing the same thing @ my previous job, so I’ve got over 15 years of working on feet all day. It’s just not as easy to do in my 30’s as it used to be in my 20’s. I’ve even started wearing bigger shoes (with the special insoles inside). I’ve already got big feet, in terms of length (SIZE 15), but now I also wear them extra-wide, just to keep as much pressure off my feet during the day as possible.

So the thing is, when work is over I’m tired. I just want to go home, get off of my feet, and veg-out until bedtime. My weeks are just one big blur of wake up/go to work/go home/got to sleep/repeat. And then I keep planning to catch up on stuff (like this blog) on weekends, but then I end up just laying around the house, watching TV, reading, and browsing the internet. I can’t seem to get my mind in the state of wanting to sit in front of my computer and think of something to write. I swear, it’s like my weekend is over in a flash, and then it’s back to work. Blah.

Now, I know I shouldn’t complain, there are lots of people out there who don’t have a job, and are struggling to find one, especially right now in this economy. And here I am with a steady job and a roof over my head, so I just need to figure out a way to get my head back in the game, so to speak. I need motivation.

On a lighter note, a couple of weekends ago, Sofia Vergara (aka My Ideal Woman) was the host on Saturday Night Live, so I stayed up to watch it. I haven’t stayed up for a whole episode of that show since Sara Palin was on it 4 years ago, but I couldn’t miss this. She was very good with what she was given, but I have to say that overall I don’t think that show is as funny as it used to be. I thought the funniest skits were the various fake TV commercials that they did. But the biggest surprise of the night for me was how much I enjoyed the musical guests. A British “Boy Band” called One Direction. I’d never heard of them before, until that night, but I absolutely loved both of the songs that they performed on the show. I know I’m definitely not in their Target Demographic, since I’m not a teenage White girl, but consider me a fan now. These lads rock!


  1. Yes, be glad that you at least have a job right now. But if your feet hurt that bad you may want to consider looking for a desk job, so you can sit down.


  2. I worked as a waitress for about 10 years, so I know what it’s like to be on your feet all day. For me it would be 8-12 hours at a time. I used to soak my feet in hot water when I got home.


  3. My sister was out of work for almost 5 months last year, and had to move back in with our mother. She’s working again now, but still can’t afford to move back out. So count yourself lucky.


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