I’m wiped out. Another super busy day at work. I’m hot and sweaty. After I post this I’m going to hop in the shower. As I said before, when I talked about work, I know I shouldn’t complain. One of my friends on FB just got laid off last week, and he’s got a wife and a kid. Another blogger I read last night has been out of work for months and their Unemployment Coverage runs out this month. I’ve got two other friends who’ve been looking for work for months and just had to move to another state in hopes that the prospects are better there. So all of these folks would love to be in my position. I just need to keep telling myself that.

But, on the plus side, at least I got my blogging mojo back (I think). Knocked out 9 yesterday, which is pretty good. Oh, and on a funny note, my last post was actually my 200th blog. Not only that, but when I signed up to Twitter a couple of months ago, I set up my account so that whenever I post a new blog here, it automatically posts to my Twitter account, and the last post also happened to be my 200th tweet! What a coincidence! I mean, it’s not like it was planned that way since most of my tweets before were just news links that I clicked on.

Anyway, that actually got me caught up on the days of this month (this being post #10 on Sept. 10). That is my general goal for the foreseeable future, to post the equivalent of at least once a day. I may post more than that a day, especially on the weekends, and I may skip some days if I’m too busy, but by the end of each month, I expect to have at least as many posts as there were days in that month. And my immediate goal is to get the front of this page, which always shows the 14 most recent posts, more current. I still have posts from March showing, because of my lax blogging, so I need to get 5 more posts up to knock them off the front page. Thankfully, I have multiple books and graphic novels by friends of mine that I can review here whenever I’m stuck looking for a topic.

By the way, speaking of reviews, I always attempt to be honest. When someone reads a review that I’ve posted, especially if it is for a book or graphic novel, I want people to be able to trust my judgment, even when it’s an indie book from a friend of mine. I don’t just hype up stuff because I know the person, I only promote stuff that believe in. Trust me, there are actually several projects by friends of mine that I’ve bought that I haven’t posted reviews of because they suck, and I don’t want to lie. So if I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything at all.

What do YOU think?

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