2/ Alan Moore. Creatively speaking, the man is like a God. I’d live to be able to just sit with him and listen to him.

3/ “I love you.” That’s something I’ve just never been very comfortable saying to anyone (friends, family, or romantically) but I should.

4/ That’s easy: MONEY. Specifically, never seeming to have enough of it.

5/ Anything @ all? I’d love to learn how to draw. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but just don’t have the skills for it. But if I could learn to do it, and do it well, that would be awesome.

More practically, I’d like to learn how to speak Spanish. When I can afford it (see: previous answer) I think I’ll try ordering that Rosetta Stone software program, and give it a try.

6/ Legally? Eighteen. But I didn’t feel like one yet. THAT didn’t come until I got my first “real” job, where I went to an office, checked in with a time-card everyday, and got a paycheck.

7/ …being able to go back to sleep. Days when I have no set plans, and can sleep in if I want to, are awesome.

8/ “First, do no harm.”

I really think that covers everything, in a simple way. Always try to choose your actions based on what is least likely to intentionally cause any sort of harm to another person, and you should be fine.

What do YOU think?

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