It’s Friday. I’m awake (although I’d much rather be asleep), about to get ready for work. The heatwave has returned, it’s been in the high 80’s, I’m actually planning to wear shorts today, exposing my pale high-yellow legs, something I don’t usually do, but we’ve also gotten extra busy again (which is why I haven’t posted new blogs the past two days, I’ve been so wiped out after work I just want to lay around when I get home until it’s time to sleep). My partner @ work called in sick yesterday, which means that my workload doubled, and I have no idea if he’ll be in today, which is why I’m, about to head to work about 2 hours early, to work off the clock, in the hopes of getting caught up. I cannot wait until this day is over and I can home and relax this weekend. I have no plans (like most weekends), will just be home, writing. I hope y’all make it though today, too.


    • Thanks! Well, it’s over now, I just got home. My partner came in today, so it wasn’t has hard as it could have been, but it damn sure wasn’t easy. My feet are killing me, and I’m all hot and sweaty. I’m about to order a pizza, take a shower, and then start my weekend of blogging.


      • Sounds like my weekend plans… except I just got home 25 minutes ago (it’s 2:21 am) after a full day of teaching middle-schoolers and then a five-hour editing session for my film, my eyes are extremely dry and I’m looking forward to making a burger tomorrow. I’m so hungry tonight I think all I can stomach before bed is a few strawberries and maybe a banana! But I will also have a full weekend of writing… grant application for funding to make my web series! But sometime in the next 22 hours I plan to blog about being freshly 34 =)

        So glad your Friday went well!! Happy writing…


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