So, some worthless scumbag paparazzi snapped pictures of Princess Kate topless, and they’ve been published in several magazines along the world (no, I will not link to them here, look ’em up yourself perverts ^_^ )

Now, for the record, I think this is a horrible invasion of her privacy but, on the other hand, she does bare some responsibility for this. I mentioned this, last year, when I wrote about her wedding:

In regards to Kate Middleton, she is now, and forever, going to be a 24/7 press target. Her privacy is gone. And, unlike Prince William, she is volunteering for this lifestyle. READ MORE

So why in the heck did she not realize that she could be seen? This was outdoors, even if they thought they were secluded, you need to be on guard, you never know where someone could be hiding with a telescopic camera. So a woman in her position should not be doing anything she doesn’t want the world to see, unless it’s indoors, without any open or clear windows around.

Of course, even if you are indoors, you want to make sure that nobody is taking pictures…

Prince Harry is awesome. They should just let him be the next King of England. When Queen Elizabeth II dies or abdicates, I say skip right to Harry. Judging by the anecdotal evidence of my British friends on Facebook, the Brits don’t care much for Prince Charles, and nobody likes his wife Camila. William and Kate are too uptight, but Harry knows how to have a frakkin’ good time. I mean, it’s not like the Royal Monarch actually runs the country anyway, so he won’t be responsible for passing any laws or declaring war on other nations or anything. It’s a symbolic position, an official mascot. Like Mickey Mouse. So just imagine how wild the place parties will be with Harry in charge! Every world ruler would be begging for invites to the castle. And he would technically be KING HENRY IX. If his reign is half as memorably as the previous King Henry’s was, it will be worth it.

Just my opinion.


What do YOU think?

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