Poor Meghan Markle?

‘I Thought It Would Be Fair’: Meghan Says She Was Warned the British Tabloids Would Destroy Her Life, but ‘Didn’t Get It’

I actually like Meghan Markle, and have been rooting for her Prince Harry’s marriage since the engagement was announced. From everything I’ve seen, she’s carried herself with style and grace since becoming a Duchess. And that’s wonderful. But I have to admit, I’m having a little time feeling sorry for her in this regard.

Look, I said this same thing about Kate Middleton when she married Prince William, she knew what she was getting into! Marrying into that family invites a lifetime of relentless media scrutiny. It may not be “fair,” but that’s how it goes.

I’ve especially hated the way her deadbeat dad and good for nothing half-sister have tried to capitalize on Meghan’s fame. They suck. But, still, this sort of thing comes with the territory. So deal with it.


  1. Hmm.. I think differently. She nor Harry were to predict the level of racism they have been subjected to. It’s not often reported on in major media outlets, but it is alive and kicking over here, especially since Brexit reared its ugly head. I feel very sorry for them both because they are trapped in this life.

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    • Hey Becks!

      Well, obviously, your perspective will be different than mine as you’re actually in Britain so you see more of the press that they get than I do. I’m just saying I’m old enough to remember the prime of all the scandals surrounding Charles and Diana’s marriage, including the revelations about both of their affairs and their ultimate divorce. And then Diana’s death (the first “celebrity death” that I remember actually feeling kind of sad about). So I knew the royal family gets tuns of scrutiny and unfair press. As I said when written about Kate and William’s marriage, I would not want to marry into that family. I feel sorry about William and Henry as they’re the ones really trapped in that life as they were just born into it. But Meghan, like Kate, made a choice to join it. And they had to know what would come. Especially Meghan being Black. Maybe she was a bit naive because of her own background, she probably hasn’t faced racism that much before. But still.

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  2. I mostly agree with what you posted and I would add that there needs to be distinctions made. The British Monarchy is one of the longest standing strongholds of white supremacy in the world today. So when Meghan Markle–a WoC, a divorcee, and an American actress–joins the Royal Family (though she’s not the first) she is looked at as an outsider, an intruder even, which some Britons believe disqualifies her from being royalty. And they don’t feel the need to treat her as such. That she’s fair game for their thinly veiled racism. That as a public figure she should expect criticism which, for the most part, I think she did when she said I thought it would be “fair”. There are working class Britons who believe the BM should be abolished. But I don’t think she expected that much racism like you said and those are the distinctions that need to be made when comparing her to Kate Middleton.
    On a lighter note, I refer to Meghan Markle as a biracial WoC because I don’t know any black women who would name their child Archie. Just sayin’.

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