This guy was once my favorite comic-book writer, years ago when he was writing most of the various Batman books for DC and the Punisher books for Marvel. My first ATM debit card password was “CDIXON” (seriously). Well, I just found out that in response to the repeal of the U.S. Military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, he wrote this:

Unintended consequences for generations to come.

This is what happens when folks who value the few over the many are in charge. And by many I mean the American citizenry who rely on our military for protection from our enemies.

* * *

And the demonizing will continue as the negative impacts of this new policy (or lack of one) begin to arise. Anyone pointing out the consequence of this vote will be shouted down as a homophone and have their reputation attacked.

Anyone who thinks that this hasn’t been, from the start, the Far Left’s way of “getting back” at the military is living in Oz.

The most ludicrous example I can think of is the use of polls within the services when reporting in this issue. Firstly, the MSM’s use of polls is always to be questioned. Secondly, since when has our military acted in response to polls from the troops? And thirdly, since when has the MSM and Far Left ever cared what our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines thought on any given subject? Frankly, I can never remember a poll taken among our guys and gals asking for their opinion on anything. Probably because the New York Times and NBC wouldn’t like the results. God forbid we should find out that morale remains high in a time of war despite the sacrifices being made. Same reason we get an “Awww….” for the wounded troops between stories about pop stars and multi-birth moms but never hear one of these guys interviewed.

And this issue really has nothing to do with homosexuals. The whole issue of gays in the military is a Trojan Horse to allow more liberal social engineering into our armed services. They’ve finally broken the Marines who will have to follow this new non-policy without question or modification. That’s a huge victory for the Left. But they could have done it with vegan vegetarians just as well.

Next will be racial quotas for the different branches. (they’ve already tried affirmative action with the SEALs) Followed by lifestyle quotas. “Not enough lesbians in your unit? We’ll fix that with a court order.” And environmentalism; building a tank with a smaller carbon footprint and to hell with the guys riding inside of it or how much firepower it packs. The services are already lawyered up so how hard can this be?

Let’s take vegetarians as an example. Vegans aren’t bad people. Their life decisions don’t hurt anyone. Heck, I married one. But when her chocie of diet was going to hurt someone (when she was pregnant) she gave up her choice and added dairy and chicken and fish to her diet.

So we take away the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for vegans. Now they must be accommodated. Each unit must have the proper percentage of vegan MREs. Each naval vessel must have separate meals prepared for swabbies who prefer mung beans and brown rice to BBQ and cream gravy. And those provisions must be stocked in quantity because who knows how many vegans there are and who might decide to switch to vegan in the middle of a deployment. And the food has to be the highest quality tax payer money can buy. No second class frozen stuff like the kosher meals the airlines used to serve. If the saffron sauteed tofu isn’t top of the line then the lawsuits will fly. And never mind that a vegan diet does not meet the basic caloric requirements for a combat soldier, sailor or marine. This is about fairness and lifestyle choices not fightin’ ability or protecting the lives of your buddies or your fellow country men. It’s what goes in your tummy that counts. You are what you eat not my country ’tis of thee, right?

If this post is quoted elsewhere on the web you won’t see this section reported:

Look, I hope it all works out. I personally wouldn’t care if the next Audie Murphy was gay. I’d be just as proud of that man or woman. And I’m sure our troops will do all they can to make this new non-policy work because they are good, decent, tolerant men and women. These are the same branches of the service that integrated blacks into their ranks long before the rest of the country did the same. And those traditions continue. You won’t see the gay bashing I’m sure the MSM is salivating for just as they breathlessly awaited the mass lynching of Arab-Americans post 9-11. I’m certain it will all go smoothly. Our commanders (even those that oppose it) will make sure of that and our service men and women will follow orders. They will serve as they have always served; as a good example for the rest of us of what an American can be.

But it is still wrong to tinker in the name of social justice with the greatest fighting force on the planet. And I don’t mean “greatest” simply in terms of ass-kicking skills. I mean, historically, the most noble and generous military that has ever marched on this planet. You ask anyone around the world which army they’d rather see show up in time of trouble and (if they were honest) they’d tell you they’d rather have the G.I.s on the ground than the U.N. or NATO or any of their neighbors.

But the Far Left, through incremental moves in the media and the courts and legislation, are insistent on meddling with how our military works. With one hand they lay on new policies, rules and restrictions while disarming our guys with the other hand. START treaty? Seriously?

And they won’t be happy until all five branches of the service (not forgetting you, Coast Guard) are more like our college campuses than the guys who charged Devil’s Den or landed on Omaha Beach.

Typical Far Right propaganda. “Ooh, the big scary liberals are out to destroy America with their Social Engineering. THEY don’t care about our Brave American Soldiers. Mainstream Media, blah, blah, blah.” Followed by idiotic analogies (Vegans? Really?!? Well, I guess that’s better than comparing gays to incest and bestiality, like the Far Right wingnuts usually do).

I could go ahead and dissect this nonsense and refute everything he says, line by line (like when he praises our military for integrating Blacks, then says it’s “wrong to tinker in the name of social justice”, which is exactly what desegregating the military was, and the same arguments against it have been used against homosexuals in the military), but I don’t think he’s worth it. I mean, I don’t want to “shout him down as a homophobe” but.. if it walks like a duck…

Bottom line, I’ll never buy anything written by Chuck Dixon again.


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