No, not me, really. As I last wrote, I have tried it and felt NOTHING. So there’s really no need for me to experiment anymore with it.

Actually, I did take two more, this morning at 9am, just for the heck of it, because I still have a bunch left. But I don’t expect anything. I am writing this just to give a few other opinions of Excelerol.

In my original post Examining Excelerol, I got a comment from Armin Tadayyon, whose Amazon reviews I’d linked to. He claims to have greatly benefitted from Excelerol use, feeling the effects after just one pill. Again, the only time I felt anything was when I took 3 pills at once, and that was not a good feeling. But I’ll let everyone make up their own minds as to whom they think sounds credible. Armin is currently doing a 90 Day Experiment where he will take Excelerol every day for 90 days and post on his blog, each day, how it feels. Feel free to go read his updates HERE.

In the meantime, I also tried looking up some more 3rd party reviews of Excelerol, outside of the product reviews on Amazon.

It is difficult to find truly non-biased opinions. I specifically searched through Google Blogs, to see what I could find. I came across these:

Excelerol Review from Super Mommy of One, Product Review – EXCELEROL from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, Excelerol For Memory, Focus, Concentration and Alertness – Review from Pregnancy Forum, Excelerol Review & Giveaway ends 9/06 Daily WW from SaraLee’s Deals Steals & Giveaways, Review: Excelerol on Oh my goodies freebies and Focus, Memory, Concentration Improved with Excelerol #Review from Mommy’s Memorandum.

All of these reviews are mostly positive, except I can’t help but notice that each one disclosed that they received the product for free in exchange for a review. THAT doesn’t necessarily mean that their reviews are not honest, but I can’t help but feel like that puts a question mark next to their reviews. I also occasionally write product reviews on this blog and, in each case, whether I’m talking about Axe Body Spray or the Colgate Wisp, these were all just things I happen to use, spending my own money on, and decided to recommend them. I don’t get paid for this, if everyone who reads this blog runs out and buys some Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub after reading my review for it, it doesn’t benefit me at all, and I don’t have free samples. So you can trust my reviews.

I guess I feel that, based on my experience, I can’t help but find it extremely coincidental that there are no reviews online that I can find, so far, from anyone who received the product for free and then wrote that the stuff didn’t work for them. Everyone who gets it for free says that it’s great? Really?

Also, here’s a really interesting new development. I checked the Amazon reviews and found a new video review, posted for Excelorol on March 13 of this year. A customer identified as “Dr. Sacks” posted a 5-star review, which you can watch HERE. Notice that it is a Verified review, meaning that he did actually buy the product via Amazon.

So I took a look at his profile, this is only the 2nd Amazon review he posted, having posted another 5-star video review on March 11th for some Green Tea, which you can watch HERE.

Dr. Sacks added on his Amazon profile “In his own words”: “I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease. I also trained as an Ophthalmologist where I specialized in Occulo-plastic surgery. I have published over 15 articles in such prestigious journals as the New England Journal of Medicine, Clinical Infectious Disease, Archives of Dermatology and the American Journal of Clinical Pathology. I have also authored many abstracts and have written many research grants. For the last 15 years, I have been practicing primary care medicine in the South Florida area.”

I wanted to find more about this doctor. In his video he gives his first name as Mark. Well, I can’t find any info about a Dr. Mark Sacks from Florida, but I did some info on Dr. Mark Sachs from Florida, from Oct. 11, 2001: “A south Miami-Dade doctor is behind bars charged with three counts of trafficking in oxycodone and running an unlicensed pain management clinic. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, their investigation into Dr. Mark Sachs began last June. Over the next several months, investigators found that Sachs was allegedly selling and dispensing prescriptions to individuals who did not have a medical need. The FDLE said Dr. Sachs was representing himself as being an infectious disease doctor; however, the investigation found Dr. Sachs was only treating pain patients. On Monday, FDLE agents executed a search warrant at Dr. Sachs home in Palmetto Bay and at his medical office on North Kendall Drive and seized his patient’s records. The Florida Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension of Dr. Sach’s medical license.”



Check the accompanying picture, compare it to the video. Yep, that’s the same dude. And that’s not all!

This site also notes that “The Pennsylvania Board of Medicine has indefinitely suspended the physician’s license effective 03-20-2012.”
This review site  has one comment: This doctor has been suspended from practice by the state of Florida on an emergency basis. He was arrested in Oct 2011 and his court case is pending. He also served 9 months in Miami jail for criminal contempt. Check his background!

And this site has a bunch of reviews about the doctor from former patients of his, the majority of them are negative. And I noticed this comment posted on August 10 2011: “I stopped going to his practice when he disappeared last year. I was told by another patient that he was in jail. Sure enough, he was. Miami Fade County jail for 6 months.”

I have tried my best to find info about a previous arrest, charges, or jail time for Dr. Mark Sachs. I searched for about an hour and couldn’t find any records available online. I did find this forum thread, it’s from Oct. 2003. Someone claims that Dr. Sachs is facing “3 felony counts, including RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) in Federal court” on Nov. 7th of that year.

If you read through the thread, you’ll see that both Dr. Sachs and a partner of his, a woman named Laura Hunt, deny the charges, with Laura claiming that it is a different person, named Mark Sach, who is going to court, not Mark Sachs, but the original commenter posts a link he says shows that it is the same man, but none of the links currently work. And the thread was then closed, so I don’t know how that was resolved.

But in this thread on that same forum when you scroll down to see comments from June 2004, it would suggest that customers were unhappy with Laura and the company that she and Dr. Sachs were supposed to be operating, called Impact Health Care. “Mark Sachs is also dodging phone calls at his other businesses as well and the Impact Services Group Inc. bank account is empty. Sachs has f**ked the IHC affiliates, his employees and probably his suppliers as well.”

UPDATE/EDIT: I found some info. If you go to http://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/public-records/Search.aspx and enter Party Name: Sachs, Mark K, you can skip the dates, put JUDGMENT – JUD for Document Type, and search, it currently brings up 4 different legal judgments against Mark K. Sachs. Click on each one, then click View Document, you can see the details. Summary: He lost each one.

August 21 1992 he was ordered to pay his ex-wife Holly $41,963.30.

Feb. 12, 2002 he was ordered to pay $3,585.28 to Laboratory Corp. of America.

June 10, 2010 he was ordered to pay PSS World Medical $31,458.77,

And on Oct. 12, 2010 he was ordered to pay Dakota Financial LLC $311,892.87. These are all public records.

I also tried to find out what happened to the case against Dr. Sachs from his arrest in Oct. 2011, but I cannot find any info about that, either. So I don’t know if he was convicted, or cleared, or if the case is still ongoing. But there he is, posting those videos on Amazon last week. So he is not currently in jail. He’s referring to himself as a doctor, albeit with his last name misspelled, so it is possible that his license was reinstated in either Florida or Pennsylvania (or both, or some other state) since March 20, 2012, but I can’t find any record of that anywhere, either.

Also note that his Amazon profile says he’s been practicing “for the last 15 years,” which would indicate that he is currently a licensed doctor, but I can’t find info on that either. Several medical sites still have him listed, but none of the contact information is up to date, as I have personally called the office numbers listed HERE and HERE this morning, and both were disconnected, and when I called the number listed HERE, I got a message telling me it was the office of a different doctor.

Now, does all that mean that his positive review of Excelerol is somehow not honest? YOU BE THE JUDGE how trustworthy you think that man is.

UPDATE/EDIT (March 24 2013): Both of “Dr. Sacks'” reviews have been removed from Amazon, and his Amazon profile was changed to the name “Dr. Sax”, but then when I checked again a couple of hours later the name became “Andrew”, and his picture and description have all been wiped blank.


  1. Wow, that Doctor? Sounds like one really shady character. I wonder what his deal with excelerol is? He may be listed as a verified customer, but when you watch that review, he’s not just praising the product, or even giving any examples of how it worked for *him*, he’s just going on and on about how awesome that company that makes it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some payment for an endorsement there (& with his legal bills he probably needs the money).

    Also, while you promote Taddayon’s blog, you should point out that he’s signed up as an “affliate”, which is why he has links to the excelerol website on his blog, and if anyone click’s through it to buy the stuff then he gets a commission. I’d say that calls into question his objectivity, such people are much less likely to click those links if he writes a negative review…


    • I’m just trying to be Fair and Balanced here, I don’t endorse or condemn Armin’s reviews (or anyone else’s), I’m just giving out the information so that everyone can make their own well-informed decisions.


      • So be it. I went to Amazon to post links to the report of Dr. Sach’s getting arrested, to hopefully keep anyone from getting fooled by him. And you know what I just noticed? That green tea that he also reviewed is also created by the same company that makes excelerol! Now I’m really convinced that they paid him to make those reviews.


    • I had to remove the affiliate links and Google Adsense on my blog per UIC. Hopefully it’ll make you feel better to know this blog has to be independent. I actually got in trouble from the University IT department for having ads on my blog, which is against their usage policy:

      “Unauthorized transferring of copyrighted materials to or from the ACCC computer system without express consent of the owner is a violation of federal law. In addition, use of the Internet for commercial gain, profit, or advertisement is not allowed from UIC.”



      • Well, that makes sense from the POV of the University, but if you want to do it, why not just host your blog on a 3rd party site? You own the domain name, just switch it to another site, like I have this blog on WordPress. Or you can use Blogger, or even Tumblr. They’re all free to use (WordPress just charges $13 a year for domain mapping, to remove “wordpress” from your url), and then you can post whatever you want.


      • You only took the links down because your school made. That doesn’t change the fact that your original goal was to get paid for people buying excelerol through your website.


  2. I just checked the reviews by “Dr. Sacks” on Amazon again, and the comments I left on both of them, posting the links to the story of him being arrested and losing his license, have both been deleted!

    That’s some shady shit.


  3. I just left a new comment:

    “Why did my previous comment get deleted? All I did was point out that this reviewer, “Dr. Sacks”, is actually Mark Kenneth Sachs, a doctor who was arrested in Oct. 2011 for illegal perscriptions, and had his medical license in Fl. revoked. . So unless he can prove that his license has been renewed since then (although there is no record of him currently practicing medicine in the state of Florida), and explain why he’s mis-spelling his own last name, then this man is fraudulantly presenting himself as a doctor, and that, in my opinion, seriously calls into question the veracity of this product review.”

    Posted in response to each of his reviews. We’ll see how long they stay up.


  4. I will give you credit for being very thorough in your research, J.R. The stuff about that crooked doctor is fascinating. I assume he spelled his name differently on Amazon to avoid being caught in a google search, but then he should have just not given out his first name.
    I’d love to hear him try to explain this.


    • Yeah, I’d love to hear him explain himself, too. So far, both me and Jason’s comments are still up, so @ least that should keep new people from being fooled by his reviews.


  5. Once again, kudos to you for your investigating, Sir! This is great info! I sure hope that doctor gets busted again for this. And I know Exclerol put him up to this. If their product is so great, why do they keep getting all these frauds to promote it?


  6. I went to JHS and HS with this sociopath, in Paramus NJ. Lived around the corner from us. Used to br a nice, jewish boy at age 14. For a criminal who thinks he SO smart, his electronic trail is etched in stone on the internet, everything from legal cases, dummie companies, co-conspirators, youtube vids, medical websites, mugshots, etc. You can run, but you can’t hide. Even involved his daughter in his schemes. A disgusting amoral pig. Good work, whomever wrote this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yeah, we exposed him as a fraud, but the question remains: Why did Accelerated Intelligence, the producers of Excelerol, hire him to write reviews of their products on Amazon? Considering that both reviews he’d posted were of products they make, I have a hard time believing that was just a coincidence. So if Excelerol works so well, why do they need a fake doctor to review it?


    • That is a good question. Both of his video reviews were labeled as “Verified”, which means he did pay for the product, via Amazon, but that still could have been set-up by Accelerated Intelligence.


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