From Todays Daily Post:

Write a review of a movie you recently saw or a product you recently used. It could be something new, or something you’ve known about for some time. Describe why you’d recommend it or not (But if it’s a movie, don’t make the mistake of giving away the ending, please).

A fews days ago I decided to try Axe Body Spray. I don’t know why, I just bought a can on impulse, I guess. I’ve never been the type who uses colognes, or any other type of body spray. I just usually use Degree Deodorant after a shower. So I got a can of Axe and tried it, and then that a couple of nights later I recently went to see STACY CLARK LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD HARD ROCK CAFE, & the first thing she said when I went up to her after the show and she gave me a hug was “You smell good.” So I was like, hey, this works!

So I’m sticking with it. I got a few more cans, and I recommend it to all the men out there. It’s very simple, when you get out of the shower, just spray one under each arm, then in an “X” formation across the chest (the trick is to not spray to close, to avoid overdoing it). It also comes in roll-on Deodorant, for those who don’t like spraying. I’ve been using the “Phoenix” version, so that’s the one I specifically recommend. Two thumbs up!


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