Before last night I was unaware that Playboy had it’s own shower gel. I use Axe body wash myself (and then afterwards use Axe body spray, of course). But someone posted this commercial on Tumblr:

I find this to be a horrible message. If you’re a man, and you’re in an elevator and an attractive woman comes in, you should hit the emergency button to stop the elevator and trap you both in there, and then “see what happens”? Are you frakking kidding me?!?

In a nation where something like 1 in 4 women are sexual assaulted, they think this is funny? Imagine you’re a woman, and some random man that you don’t even know purposely traps you alone in a elevator with him? Would you feel safe? And this commercial goes through all these absurd fantasies about what might happen and, other than the one about her being an assassin, all the potential situations are awesome (for the man). She might have a twin sister! You may find yourself in another dimensions surrounded by beautiful women! She’ll find you BOLD AND SEXY! “There’s only one way to know what will really happen.” Is Playboy seriously encouraging this move?!?

To the misogynists out there who deny that “Rape Culture” exists in America, what that commercial, it’s example #1 of how sexually aggressive behavior towards women is often normalized in our society.

Looking around online, I see that Jamie Peck of The Gloss had the best reaction HERE: Personally, if a man pulled the emergency brake on me, I’d probably treat him to a “bold and sexy” blast of pepper spray and maybe some hysterical fear-crying, because that is something a rapist would do. Then again, I guess I’m not in their target demographic of male virgins who’ve never seen a boob IRL and smell like puberty, and who still think Playboy is cool.

To which I say, EXACTLY. This is not cool, Playboy. At All.

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