I did this once before, I’ll go through some of the other blogs that I follow, mostly the ones on WordPress, so they’ll all get a ping-back, and I write about whatever their latest post was.

RPG Project

Dang, that post was over a year ago. I thought I was lazy when it came to blogging on a regular consistent basis…

A cut in the skin can’t bring my tears, but music after a sleepless night can

Music can affect my emotions, too. “Oh Father” by Madonna always makes me tear up a little, as does “She’s Out Of My Life” by Michael Jackson, and “What’s Left Of Me” by Nick Lachey.

Review of Fractured

The review is a bit light, doesn’t really tell me enough about the book to judge whether or not I’d want to read it. I like the cover, though.

THE FIRST FAMILY (the T.V. series)strong>

Oh, sweet Jesus, that show is horrible. It is a good concept for a sitcom, I suppose, but the execution is terrible on every level.

MORE FANTASTICAL THAN SWORD & SOUL AND STEAMFUNK: Dispelling the ‘Crabs in a Barrel’ Myth

I don’t know if I’d call “Crabs in a barrel” a myth. It’s probably exaggerated, but I have known of many Black folks who try to tear down any Black person who is trying better themselves. It’s sad. But that’s a well-written post.

My latest project, “thE rEAsOn”

Sounds like a great project!

Critique: Knots Landing Episode 55 — ‘Daniel’

I didn’t start watching Knots Landing until long after the two shows had “separated”, so there were no new crossovers. That’s a shame. Looking back @ those early episodes, it was always fun when J.R. showed up on the Cul-de-sac. Val was always so nervous around him, it was great.

TNT Renews Dallas for a third season in 2014

Well, that’s good news for the actors, but I won’t be watching it. Not unless they get a whole creative teams to write and produce it.\

Scan Me!


Egg-cellent Avocados

Yuck, I hate avocados.

The God of Terrorist, Not So Almighty, Terror Attack in London Shows

This is why I’ve always had a problem with the concept of an interventionist God. If you believe God is active in our daily lives (listening to prayers, giving signs, etc.) then that means he’s allowing all the bad stuff to happen, too.

May Day (in Colorado!)

I could never live anywhere where it ever snows. Sure, it looks nice, but I would hate having to do things like shovel snow out of my yard, or try to drive in the snow. Forget that. I’m staying in sunny SoCal, where the worst we get is heavy rain.

Four month sleep regression

Wow. And THAT’S another reason why I don’t want to have children. Just sayin’.

These boots ain’t made for walkin’

I don’t wear boots. I tried wearing a special pair of work boots for my job once, but they were really uncomfortable.

Spring Break Giveaway

I read Forging Truth. My review is HERE

Guest Post: Jon Hilton Introduces the Power of We

Good article. I’ve seen, and probably experience, both situations he described, in regards to relationship and work. It’s something I need to work on.

What is one thing you always procrastinate on?

For me, it’s writing. Both blogging, and writing fiction. Gotta do more of it.

Homemade Pot Pie

Only kind of pie I like is cherry and pumpkin. Separately. I don’t mean pie that has cherries and pumpkin in it, I mean either pie with cherries in it, or pie with pumpkin in it.

This Be The Month Of My Discontent

Dang, no updates since October, and no response to my comment from January. That’s not a good sign. I really hope he’s alright.

Excelerol – Week 10 Review

He’s really happy with that stuff. But it just didn’t work for me AT ALL…

Instant Stress Relief For Writers: Feel Happier With One Quick Change

Laughter? Hmmm…that probably could work. I don feel better when I laugh.

Y’know who makes me laugh out loud? AMY SCHUMER:


  1. I have made pumpkin pie in the summer before…totally felt weird. Can you really say that pumkin and cherry pie together isn’t good if you haven’t tried it??? LOL


  2. Whew? I thought I did something wrong, I was wondering why I got a ping back from you. Thanks for the shout out. I am starting to warm up to Amy Schumer, she is so naughty, in a good way-LOL


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