So, picking up from where I left off, now here’s the part you’ve all be waiting for, what is MY personal experience using Excelerol?

I got my first pack on Friday, Feb. 8th, at my job in the morning. First I did the water test that I do with all new pills when I try them the first time, I took 1 and put it in a cup of water to see if it dissolves, and how long it takes. This is to see how long before it should enter my system. Within half an hour, the pill was completely dissolved.

I should note that I also gave one pill to one of my coworkers, asking him to let me know if he felt anything. Also, the next day, I gave two to my brother, which he took that afternoon, to see what he thinks. So that left me with 86 pills for myself, out of the pack of 90.

Also, I just tossed the Nuerodigital Pill Dispenser out, no need for that.

I took my first two pills at 1pm, right after lunch (I hadn’t read the instructions on the box that said it was best on an empty stomach yet, that’s why I took it after eating ). I didn’t take any more that first day, since I didn’t know what kind of effects I would get, and I didn’t want to risk it disturbing my sleep later that night (according to the box, it’s supposed to last “up to 6 hours”).

Then, starting the next day, I took four a day. Two in the morning, soon after waking up, and then two in the afternoon. I spaced them out over 6 hours. So the time varied a little based on when I woke up. I always tried to take them on the hour, or half hour, in order to make it easiest to remember when to take the pills again. So, during the week, I either took my first two pills at 6am, 6:30am, 7am, or 7:30am, in which case I would then take my next two pills at 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, or 1:30pm.

On weekends I would often sleep later, staying in bed sometimes up til 9-9:30am, and would take the first pills then, and then the next two 6 hours later. One exception was on Saturday, Feb. 16th, I took 3 in the morning (I don’t recall why), around 8am, and then I took 1 more pill around 2pm. But my general routine from Feb. 8th to Feb. 17th was two at a time, twice a day

Then, beginning on Monday, Feb. 18th, I decided to start taking 6 a day, spread out 4 hours apart. So, for example, if I took my first two pill at 6am, I’d take two more at 10am, and then two more at 2pm. And that was my routine up until today, March 2nd.

Yes, I still have enough left over to last another couple of weeks, if I continue to take 6 a day, and I originally planned to wait until I’d used them all, and then write a review but, y’know, today marks 23 days of regular use of Excelerol, and I think that feels like enough for me to give a well-informed, fair and balanced review of this product. Especially when you consider that if I hadn’t bought a 2nd pack, and just stuck with taking 4 pills a day beginning on Feb. 9th, today would be the day that I ran out. So I’ve basically used an entire pack already. Thus, my verdict:


These pills did NOTHING for me. Nothing at all. I still got that the late-afternoon “BLAH” feeling that I often get during the week and, in general, I got NO feeling of “alertness,” nor have I felt even the slightest increase in memory or concentration (I still made the same amount of dumb little mistakes at work, as I always do). Nothing. It just didn’t work. I might as well have been swallowing tic-tacs, for all the effects I felt.

The one and only time I felt anything after taking the pills, was the day I took 3 at once, in the morning. Within half an hour I felt a bit of a flush feeling, and rapid heartbeat, same as when I’ve had too much caffeine. It actually felt pretty bad, and so I had to lay down again for a little while until I felt better (luckily, this was on a Saturday).

So there is clearly something in these pills that are designed to affect people, they’re not just placebos or anything like that, but for  “maximum strength” pills, which is supposed to last “up to 6 hours”, I find them extremely lacking.

Also, the coworker who took 1, and my brother who took 2? They both said that they did not feel anything. So take that for what it’s worth.

So, therefore, in my opinion, based on my own experience with the product, I would not recommend Excelerol to anyone.

As noted, there are plenty of customers who claim that it worked for them, and I’m not discounting all of them, these types of pills, be they prescription or Over The Counter do often affect people differently. I used to take store-bought Melatonin to sleep, I remember once I gave some to a coworker, who happens to be a lot shorter and skinnier than me (I’m 6”2”, around 210 lbs.), and he was saying how one pill knocked him right out, while I had to take 4-6 of those same pills, and it would take about an hour before they kicked in. But, in this case, I took what’s considered the maximum amount, on a daily basis, for weeks, and to not feel anything? That is just not worth it.

So if anyone out there is considering trying this product, and they asked my opinion, I would have to say DON’T BOTHER.


    • No. I probably should have, but just didn’t bother. I have seen one comment from someone on Amazon who said that Excelerol did refund her money, but they also tried to pressure her to delete her negative review. I don’t want to have to deal with that, either.


  1. Coincidentally, a comment from Excelerol customer service was posted to my review on Amazon:

    Dear JR,
    Thank you for your comment. We are sorry that the product did not meet your expectations or work for you. Supplements do effect everyone differently. Most people find the best results after 90 days of regular use. Some people do not get any benefits. You will find this is the case even with pharma drugs. Everyone is different.

    Did you know that we are the only brain nutrition company that offers 24/7 lifetime support? We also offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

    We take pride in our products and stand behind them 100%. We would like to make it up to you. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-765-3628 and ask for Allen or Fern.

    But, as I said, I’ve decided not to take them up on this offer. I’m just chalking this up to a life experience.


    • And they posted a follow-up reply:

      Dear JR,
      Thank you for your reply and your valuable feedback. We value your opinion and will use it to improve our products in the future. Please email us your order details and we can at the very least offer you a credit for future orders on future products which you may want to try. Simply go to the excelerol site or call the toll free number. With that said Excelerol is not for everyone and some people feel they need to take excelerol for several months before having noticeable results. Many people including all of our staff take excelerol. Like thousands of people around the world, we strongly believe in the product and find great value in it. We will take all your feedback into consideration and will utilize it to improve our products in the future.


  2. I thought about upping the dose, after taking one a day for a week and not seeing any results, but I didn’t want to run out too quickly, since I only had 30. Good to see that it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.


  3. Well, I have taken excelerol for 90 days and it was wonderful. I could remember things that I thought was lost forever. So it works well! but I have not purchased more because I am convinced that some of the (12) blister packs were placebos. 3 different times, monday morning (start of a new pack) I got a boost like the first day I started taking them, as if I had not taken them for a while. I took them daily and I never missed a day. Figure that out!


  4. Wow thank you. You just saved me from spending 100 dollars on that shit. I had already tried another one called Adderall Rx and that was a waste of money. The only one that sort of actually did something for me was FocusFactor. Which I’m not trying to promote. Anyways Thanks!


  5. I know the owner, his name is Shaahin Cheyene. I worked for him Built him a house. He took $800000 out of this company in checks to built himself a house . He is Shady character. A Modern day snake oil salesman. All the garbage is shipped from china and who knows whats in it?.
    He can’t say whats in the garbage he sells, he wont drink or take these pills himself.


  6. I know the company owner . Shaahin Cheyene This man Shaahin Cheyene is really a Shady Character .
    A Modern day Snake oil salesman. All the Garbage is shipped from china. There is no regulation all the content is covered with different stick on labels.

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    • Thanks for reading, and sharing your experience. Obviously I can’t comment on your allegations about Mr. Cheyene’s character, since I don’t know him personally, but in my first post about Excelerol I did note that many of the reviews on Amazon seemed dubious, at best.


  7. […] real-life pill to help with my concentration and focus. I’ve tried several of the years, from Excelorol to Trubrain to Adrafinil and few others, all to no avail. Well, I saw this product, THRIIV pop up […]


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