Seriously. I woke up yesterday morning with a clearly visible pimple right on my face, a little underneath my right eye. It’s even bigger today. I don’t want to pop it, since that could leave a spot, so I’m just waiting for it to go away, but this sucks. I’m self-conscious enough as it is, without this thing on my face. I’m reminded of my childhood now. I had pretty bad acne for a few years as a teenager. Something I inherited from my parents, who each had acne as teenagers, too (although, for whatever reason, my older brother never had this problem). And this is the sort of thing that happened to me frequently, I’d get one really big pimple somewhere on my face, that I couldn’t hide. I’d use different types of creams, and those Oxy-10 swaps to clean my face. But then I started getting acne on my back, and had to go to a doctor to get prescription medicine to take care of it.

I was on something called Accutane. And that stuff worked for me, finally clearing it up, for the most part. I’d still have occasional breakouts in my late teens, but it eventually ended. So why the frak am I getting a pimple?!? I’m not a kid or a teen anymore, I’m a -year old man! I’m too old for this s**t!

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