Y’know, I made it a point to NOT watch the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney last week. It seemed like everyone who was on Facebook @ the time was watching it. My home page was deluged with updated posts, mostly with Obama supporters calling Romney a liar, during the whole thing. As it was coming to an end, I noticed several folks saying Obama didn’t hit Romney hard enough, and that he & the moderator Jim Lehrer let Romney get away with too many interruptions, but in the week since then it’s been getting nuts. First, all the major media outlets declared Romney the “winner” and then stuck with that narrative non-stop. Now, let me be clear, I’m not trying to take anything away from Romney @ all. If he came in prepared to make his case, and did a good job @ it, then good for him. And, as I said, I didn’t actually see it myself to judge it. But from the constant stream of “OBAMA LOST” articles, you’d think the President got on stage and just mumbled and stuttered for 90 minutes and then broke down crying @ the end! Please!

Suddenly, it’s all about what a GAME CHANGER this was, and how Romney moved the so-called UNDECIDEDS with his performance. First of all, who the frak was really undecided before they watched this?!? Seriously, if you even give a little darn about this election, then should already know who you’re voting for by now, and nothing should change that. Obama and Romney are clearly on opposite sides of most big issues, so unless you really have no opinions of your own, how hard is it to pick which one you agree with more? If you didn’t know, or were on the fence, and could be swayed just by a good debate performance, please just don’t vote. Because you’re an idiot. And we don’t need more idiots voting.

@ the very least, this whole episode should put to rest the notion that there’s a so-called LIBERAL MEDIA. Because this seems to be something I’ve been hearing conservatives complain about all my life. The “elites”, the “lamestream media”, etc. There may be individual reporters, journalists, and broadcasters with a particular bias that they choose to promote, and that includes certain companies, be it Fox News or MSNBC, that push one agenda over another but, in general, the “media” care about ratings and sensationalism. And this is exactly what they wanted. If they were “liberal” they’d be going out of their way to spin this against Romney (perhaps by running front page articles fact-checking all his lies), but the truth is that the media needs a horse race. If Obama had this in the bag already, what would there be to talk about for the next month? But now they’ve got something, so they’re running with it. A close race, and close election next month, would be the best thing for the media. Heck, a disputed election, like Bush/Gore, would be a dream come true.

Hopefully America isn’t that stupid. . .

What do YOU think?

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