It’s hard to believe that in just 5 days, the U.S.A. will either have a new President or know that we’ll have 4 more years of the current one. I’ve already cast my vote by mail, so there’s nothing left for me to do. People occasionally ask me what I think is going to happen, but I honestly have no frakking clue. My track record of predictions is not very good. When the last Presidential election cycle started up in ’07, I initially thought that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani would be the respective candidates and that Clinton would win the election in a close race. I never would have thought that John McCain (whom, for the record, I voted for in the GOP primaries in 2000) would get the GOP nomination. I just figured he was too old and moderate. And I never even gave Obama a shot at getting the Democratic nomination, and I flat-out said, several times, that there was no way in Hades that a Black man named Barack HUSSEIN Obama would ever get elected President of The United States. Those statements were then thrown back in my face by several friends after the election.

Regarding this primary season, I knew that Sarah Palin would not run. If she were serious about running, she would have remained in office for her final year of Governor of Alaska. But she quit so she could write a book and go on speaking tours, and cash in as much as possible on her newfound celebrity. Can’t say I really blame her, but it was clear that she’s more interested in being a political pundit, and trying to influence people that way, rather than having to actually campaign for office herself, which brings closer scrutiny. However, I was shocked when Mike Huckabee declined to run. I really thought he would, and that the race for the GOP nomination would be dominated by him and Mitt Romney. I was not sure who would win between the two, but I thought that it was a possibility that they would end up running together on the same ticket. With Huckabee out, I did think Romney was the clear Front Runner and would get the nod, but I did not foresee it being as tough as it was for him. I underestimated the unease many in the GOP had about it, as was evidenced by the other candidates who get surging ahead of him at various times. Newt Gingrich was the biggest surprise to me, I couldn’t believe that anyone would vote for him after all this time, followed closely by Herman Cain, who had zero qualifications for the office. Romney is really lucky that those two, plus Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, self-destructed on their own. I was a bit surprised by how poorly Michelle Bachmann did in the race, I thought she had a lot more support than she evidently did. I thought the Tea Party Movement would rally behind her, but that was not the case.

I will be curious to see if there are any complications in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. From what I’ve read, so far, everything is supposed to still be on schedule for next Tuesday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some polling places are not ready, what with all the clean-up still needed. And turn-out may be low, anyway, since folks may have other things on their minds, like repairing their homes and cars, etc.

Well, whomever you vote for, just go out and vote. A lot of people in other countries don’t have the right, and are suffering for it. And a lot of folks in this country risked their lives, and many gave their lives, to insure that EVERY AMERICAN had the right to vote. So don’t insult their memories by not exercising your right. Make sure your voice is heard. Please.


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