I can’t stand the Kardashians. I’d even go so far as to say that I hate them. And I realize that my hatred of them is completely irrational, since they have no effect on my life and I could just choose to ignore them (which I mostly do), but their very existence, and their status as “celebrities”, bugs me. Kim Kardashian had a sex tape with a low-level R&B singer, who was best known for being a the younger brother of a more popular R&B singer, and she somehow managed to turn that into fame not only for herself, but for her entire family. Ugh. Heck, I’ll even admit that jealousy plays a part in my attitude. Yes, I can’t stand the fact that they have so much, for doing so little, while I work hard and struggle for everything that I have. It sucks.

But the thing that I really hate about the Kardashians is what they represent, in regards to the trend of “reality” TV. I hate this whole culture that allows people to be famous without any real accomplishments. The Kardashians are just the tip of the iceberg. As far as “reality” TV goes, I’ll give a pass to all the shows that are actually about something, even if it’s totally contrived. There’s the contest shows, like Survivor, The Amazing Race or even Big Brother. Or the various cooking shows. There’s a point to them. People go on the show to compete for a prize. I can understand that. Even the dating shows, like the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I doubt most contestants take that seriously anymore but, again, at least there’s some kind of goal to be achieved. Even when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were filming The Simple Life, there was a theme to that show. Let’s take these two rich gals who were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and make them work menial jobs, and see how they react. Okay, it’s still ridiculous, but @ least I can comprehend why some folks would want to watch that, for the sheer humor of watching them make fools of themselves. But shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all the Real Housewives spin-offs, not to mention Basketball Wives, what’s the point of those? There’s no hook, it’s just let’s follow these rich people around with cameras and watch them live their lives.

And what’s worse is that the participants know how to “act” on camera, in order to stand-out from the crowd. Be loud, rude, and start fights with the other participants, and you can become a star! It is absolutely ridiculous.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to watch my tape of the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars.


  1. I agree 100% Yet I’ll also admit that I occasionally find myself watching some of those shows, like KOTK and the Atlanta Housewives, when I’m just sitting at home, flipping through the channels. It’s like a trainwreck, I can’t look away.


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