The other day I woke up early and, while still laying in bed, I flipped on the TV and ended up catching a couple of episodes of this new MTV show called Friendzone. The premise is that it’s a show where Someone surprises a platonic friend of theirs, by telling them that they have romantic feelings for them. This is after some drawn-out process where the friend thinks that they’re actually on the show to help the first person get ready for a blind date, only to be told at the last minute that they are the blind date. And there are two dates on each half-hour show.

As far as “reality shows” go these days, this one is pretty harmless (despite being created by the same creators of Jersey Shore). But the thing that struck me while watching it is that a couple of times the participant gets turned down, with the other person saying that they want to remain just friends. I always so bad when that happens. That’s gotta be embarrassing, getting shot down on TV. And I  was thinking, if any woman I know did this to me, brought me on the show to tell me they’re interested in me, then I would tell them YES, even if I didn’t feel that way.

I just wouldn’t want to embarrass someone like that, especially if this woman is supposed to be a “friend” of mine, and I know what a big risk they’re taking by doing this on TV (which I don’t think I would ever have the guts to do), then I’d fake it while the camera’s were rolling, so they’d at least look good on TV. Then after the show is over I’d pull them aside and let them down easy. Tell them I don’t feel the same for whatever reason, and explain to them why I said otherwise on the show. I suppose some could say that’s mean to give them false hope at first but, I think if this was a friend of mine, she’d appreciate my reasons for it.

What do YOU think?

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