I just watched this film. It’s the story of three friends, Kurt, Nick, and Dale. When the film begins, Nick and Dale hate their jobs. Nick’s boss treats him like crap, while making him think he’s going to get a promotion, and Dale’s female boss is sexually harassing him. Kurt’s the only one who likes his job, but then his boss suddenly dies and his bosses degenerate cocaine-using son takes over and begins to make Kurt’s life miserable.

The three friends decide to kill their bosses, and they encounter a man who goes by the name “Motherfucker Jones”, who instructs them on the best way to kill their bosses, giving them the advice that if each of them kills each others bosses, instead of their killing their own bosses, it will be less likely to be tied to them. So they proceed to start following their bosses around, trying to learn enough about their personal habits, in order to figure out the best way to kill them.

Without giving away any further spoilers, I’ll just say that after a series of comedic misunderstandings, the friends find themselves being investigated by the police for a murder that they didn’t commit, and have to find a way to clear their names.

Overall, I think this was a pretty funny movie. Credit goes to the cast, all of whom are played perfectly. Kevin Spacey is perfect as Nick’s evil boss, who is mean for no apparent reason. Colin Farrel is Kurt’s coke-head new boss, in role that could be seen as a caricature, but he makes it work. And Jennifer Anniston seems to be having a lot fun, playing Dale’s man-eating boss, who continuously throws herself @ him, taking delight in making him uncomfortable. Jason Batman as Nick, and Jason Sudeikis as Kurt are likewise fine. But the real star of the film, in my opinion, is Charlie Day as Dale.

Day essentially plays the same type of character he plays in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which is fine with me as I love that show. Here he had the toughest role, since he had to play a man who was legitimately horrified by the constant sexual advances of Jennifer Anniston, due to the fact that he’s in love with his fiance and doesn’t want to cheat on her. And he pulled it off.

Along with Jamie Foxx, who is adequate as Motherfucker Jones, although the role didn’t really require someone of his stature, and a bit part from Modern Family’s Julie Bowen, as Spacey’s wife, I think this is a very enjoyable film, that I recommend.

Two Thumbs Up!


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