I almost felt guilty that I didn’t see this movie in the theaters. I happen to have an awful lot of Facebook friends who happen to be Black people that are either someway involved in the entertainment industry or trying to break into the entertainment industry. Actors, artists, writers, etc. And so when this movie was coming out, after George Lucas talked about the difficulty in getting this movie made. everyone was on FB posting things like “Go see this movie!” “We need to show Hollywood that these types of Black films can succeed!” Almost as if this was the sworn duty of every Black person to go to see it in the theater. But, truthfully, I just wasn’t that interested. I don’t go to theaters very often, I usually just wait for a film to come out on DVD or on cable, I only go out for really big films, like The Avengers. And I’m not that interested in WWII films in general, like I never saw Pearl Harbor. I am interested in The Tuskegee Airmen, and I saw the HBO movie of the same name that was made back in 1995, and I enjoyed it very much.

So I got this on DVD a month ago, but just got around to watching it today. I think, overall, it was pretty good. Not spectacular, but good. Character-wise, the previous movie had much better development. I didn’t get much feel for the characters in this film, they were pretty much stock-characters. There was a young guy whose eager to prove himself, but everyone calls him “Junior”, which he hates. Then there’s the leader of the squad who has a bit of a drinking problem, and his best friend who is a reckless flyer. And the reckless character gets into an improbable romance with an Italian woman, that just comes out of nowhere and develops really fast to the point where they get engaged, and this is despite the fact that neither really speaks the others language.

But where this films shines is in the action department. The fighting scenes in the air are spectacular, and worth the price of the DVD, to me. Again, by far not a perfect film, but pretty good. I give it…

One Thumb Up!

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