No, I don’t mean Michael Jackson, I mean Mercedes Javid, aka “MJ”, one of the “stars” of the “reality” TV series SHAHS OF SUNSET.


Last night my brother and I were talking about celebrities, and some of the unfair criticism that they get, especially when it comes to women and the way they look. And it reminded me of this incident that happened last December, when paparazzi snaped a series of photos of MJ in a bikini.


Celebrity gossip sites like TMZ, MTO, and Daily Mail all posted the pics, and proceeded to mock her weight. And, of course, the commentators on each site were even worse, with people calling her names and going out of their way to insult her and laugh @ her, and I have to say that it actually pissed me off. My first thought was that all of these people (& the women I saw commenting tended to be even worse than the men) who are talking crap should have to post pictures of themselves in a bikini, to show us all how good THEY look. Because I’ll tell you, straight up, I don’t have the guts right now (well, actually, I do have a gut, which is the problem…) to go out in public without a shirt on, much less wearing a speedo, so you won’t see me criticizing anyone else’s body.


When I look at those pics, I see a woman who looks like she’s just getting some sun, and drinking beers with a friend, trying to relax. Doesn’t look like she’s trying to impress anybody, she’s just being herself. I mean, okay, she may not be YOUR cup of tea, but so what? If she’s comfortable with her body, good for her! No need to wear a burka just because she doesn’t fit our Western Society’s warped standards of beauty, where if you’re over a size 3, you’re considered obese. And I just love her attitude, as she said in a recent interview:

‘I am not striving to be thin,’ the hard-partying reality star said. ‘The only person that I really want to please is myself.’


Although I also have to say that I understand that, for better or worse, it comes with the territory. When you chose to become a celebrity, particularly on one of these “reality” shows, you are basically putting up your life for public review, inviting viewers to watch you and judge you. That’s just how it works. So you have to take the good with the bad, I guess. But, still, there’s no excuse to be outright mean.


  1. i agree, people shouldn’t talk shit about her, and i think she looks just fine in a bikini. but like you said, this is part of being on a tv show like that. if she was just some random woman on the beach, and the website posted the pictures of her and made fun of her, that would be one thing, but she’s a tv star now, so she’s a public figure.


  2. TMZ is the worst! The bottom of the barrel when it comes to gossip. I saw that piece on MJ and all those people talking in the room, including Harvey Levin, need to take a good long look in the mirror before they make any jokes about someone’s looks.


  3. […] 4/MJ IN A BIKINI February 2, 2013 2,737 views MJ retweeted me when I first posted this, so that gave me hundreds of views that first day, and it continued for quit awhile after that. This was my #1 post for months. It continues to get hits as folks search her name, usually when the TV show is coming back on. Plus, she’s done some official modeling pictures since then, so I think folks are looking for those pics when they search her, but they’re brought here. […]


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