Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has gone on the offensive. He wants the 10-carat $785,000 diamond engagement ring he gave to Erin Marzouki, his former fiancée, back. Williams met Marzouki in Houston when he played for the Houston Texans football team. They got engaged on Feb. 12, 2011, when he presented her with the stunning 10-carat rock, according to a lawsuit filed in Harris County Court in Houston. But their engagement didn’t even last a year. Marzouki broke up with Williams last January, and he now wants the 10-carat diamond back. The lawsuit details just how much Williams spent on Marzouki during their relationship. Items included an American Express credit card she could use to pay her living expenses – she rang up $108,000 in charges in one year – on top of the $230,000 in other gifts he showered on her that same year, according to the court record. The lawsuit does smack of bitterness. Williams claims Marzouki used him for his fame – and fortune, according to court documents. Do the math: In one year he claimed he spent $1,123,000 on a fiancée who broke up with him just months after they’d become engaged. “On or about Jan. 21, 2013, defendant (Marzouki) unilaterally terminated the parties engagement. The termination of the relationship was caused solely by the defendant. Defendant never intended to marry plaintiff (Williams) and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts. Defendant has absconded with the diamond engagement ring,” the lawsuit alleges.

What’s the honorable thing for Marzouki to do? Give the ring back?

Okay, first of all, the answer to that last question is YES. But I’ll get back to that in a minute. I just want to focus on the price of this ring. $785,000?!? For a ring?!? A piece of jewelry?!? Something a woman will wear on her finger?!?


I’m sorry, but that is abso-frakkin-lutely insane! I don’t care how much I had, if I were a multi-billionaire, and were madly, passionately, completely in love with a woman, I would never spend that much money on a ring. I just wouldn’t do it. I find that to be obscene. I wouldn’t spend $785k on a car, and that has way more usefulness than a ring. I remember once I saw a woman on one of those Real Housewives “reality” shows, I think it was the one for Orange County, wearing sunglasses that she said cost $20k, and I thought that was bad enough, but this is even worse.

So I say that this bloke, Mario Williams, is just a dang fool. And then you look at all the other money he says he spent on her. I know everyone is quick to jump on her as a gold digger, and maybe she is, but did she put a gun to his head and make him spend that money? He’s a grown man, he knew what he was doing. I say that he clearly was trying to use his money to get her, and keep her. So many pro-athletes think that flashing cash is the way to attract women, and then they act shocked when the realize exactly what kind of women they’re attracting by doing that. Sheesh, it’s no wonder that 78% of NFL players end up broke within 2 years after they retire.

Still, I must say that I find his lawsuit claims a little odd. If she was just with him all along for his money, as he claims, why wouldn’t she go ahead and marry him? She could end up with a lot more than that, even if she got divorced after a couple of years, even with a pre-nup. Heck, he’s lucky she didn’t “accidentally” get pregnant, like so many athlete’s baby mamas do, and take him for 18 years of child support. Or maybe the ring was enough for her, and she decided to just cash out now. I dunno.

But I do think he should get the ring back. Yes, it was a “gift” that he freely gave to her, but that was on the condition of marriage. If the marriage is called off, then it should be returned. And I’d say this even if he was the one who called off the engagement. I know some say that engagement etiquette say if the man calls it off then the woman gets to keep the ring, but I don’t see how that make a difference. But, anyway, in this incidence, it is the woman who called it off, so I think she should give it back, and if she won’t do it voluntarily, then hopefully the law will force it.

And then let’s hope Mr. Williams uses better judgment when it comes to dating and relationships from now on. Maybe he should go on The Millionaire Matchmaker? Patti Stanger could probably give him some great tips. . .


What do YOU think?

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