Another day, another dollar. I woke up around 5:45am, with a bit of a kink in my neck, not too bad, but noticeable. It didn’t finally go away until around 2pm. One of the first things I did was get online to pay my Chase Visa credit card bill, and I noticed that my credit limit had been increased by an extra $300! That’s pretty cool, and no I didn’t immediately buy some stuff (which is exactly what I would have done a few years ago, but I’ve been working on controlling those impulses), I just paid off the $105 I owed, so I’m all clear. But it’s nice to have a little bit more credit available, for emergencies. The funny thing is, I posted about it on Twitter, saying that I hoped that was a sign that today was going to be a good day. And then about 6 hours later I got a reply on Twitter from Chase Support saying: That’s great! We feel like this was the herald to an amazing day. If you have any account questions, let us know.  That was certainly unexpected. I was like, how the frak did they see that?!? I’m not following them on Twitter, and they’re not following me, and I didn’t tag them in the post or even add a hashtag or anything. They must have spies on Twitter, scanning all posts for mentions of them, I guess.

Speaking of Twitter, my reviews of Mistresses have been very popular. When I reviewed the first episode, that was just planned to be a one-time thing. I didn’t even write it and post it until the day after the show aired. But then I noticed it got a ton of hits, like over 200, and I don’t know from where. The stats said they were mostly coming from Facebook, but I hadn’t even linked to it on my Facebook at the time, so it wasn’t me. But somebody out there saw it and shared it (and whoever did, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU). So I figure, well, since I’m planning to keep watching the show anyway, I guess I might as well post a review of each episode afterward.

So now I try to write my reviews while I’m watching the show, and then finish it up and post it soon after the episode ends (on the West Coast, I wish I could catch the early East Coast broadcast), while more fans and cast members are still online. And I’ve managed to get some notice. So far, my reviews have been retweeted by cast members Jason Winston George, Jes Macallan, and Rochelle Ayetes, as well as show writer Rina Mimoun, and I have been thanked by series creator and writer K.J. Steinberg. That’s really cool. I’ve also been retweeted, favorited, and followed, by several other fans of the show, which is also pretty cool. It’s nice to find this little online community of fellow fans. I just hope the show succeeds. The ratings dropped a bit for episode 3, but if they can find a steady number to end out the initial 13-episode first season, there’s a good chance it will be brought back for another season, maybe moving it to another night if they think that will get better ratings (maybe Wednesdays after Modern Family?).

As for the day itself. I can’t say it was especially “good,” although not bad. Just a regular day at work. It’s starting to get a little hotter now, so I have to deal with that. But so be it. But let me tell you what I happened to see on my way to work. I’m on the freeway, and I look over and see a woman in a car next to me, putting on make-up, while she was driving.

PUTTING ON MAKE-UP! On the freeway. I was cruising along at around 65 mph, she quickly came from behind me, overcame me, and got far ahead of me, so she was going much faster than that. Yet she was applying eyeliner while looking in her rearview mirror. Good grief. For those that didn’t read my PLEASE DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE entry yesterday, I’ll repeat this sobering statistic from the CDC: An average of 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured EVERY DAY, because of “distracted” drivers. That means drivers who were too busy texting, or talking on the phone, or PUTTING ON MAKE-UP, or doing anything other than PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD while they were driving. Not cool, people. Please stop that crap.

Oh yeah, a couple of hours ago I got a notice from WordPress, telling me that today marks my 5-Year Anniversary of signing up to WordPress. I guess I should throw a party or something? Nah, too tired. For the record, if you go back to my very first post here you’ll notice that it is dated October 2008, which would make it look like it’s still about 4 months away from my 5 year anniversary, but that’s just because, as longtime follower/readers know, this isn’t my first blog here. I originally just signed up and created a blog under, but I’m not sure if I ever posted much under that domain. Then I got the idea to get my own original domain name. So I created MyLiveFriendSpaceBookster (as a mix of Myspace, Livejournal, Friendster, and Facebook) and used that for a couple of years. Then I came up with FookYouTwit (Facebook, Youtube, & Twitter), and used that for a little over a year, but then finally decided I wanted something not so “joke-y”, but still a name that could be easily remembered. I finally came up with iBlogalot (I can’t believe that wasn’t already taken), and just switched most previous blog entries to this domain, cutting out some that I didn’t like anymore, so that’s why this blog only goes back to October ’08. And it’s been one heck of a ride. I’ve tried BlogSpot, and a have a separate page on Tumblr, but I’m sticking with WordPress for my official blogging needs.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a little bit of straightening up in my room to do, and then it’s bedtime for me. G’night y’all!


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