“MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE” #1 by Marco Lopez, Bryan Ginn, and Michael Mayne

“The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same” Part 1
Written (& Created) By Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn
Drawn By Michael Mayne
From Atomic Rex Entertainment

As I said not to long ago, I love reading comic-books on my ipad, and I have been discovering a lot of cool new digital books. I downloaded this one, about a superhero duo called MASS and EFFECT. We discover, through a 2-page flashback to their childhoods, that Mass has some kind of gravity powers, it appears that he can make things heavier or lighter, and Effect discovered some high-tech weapons when a flying saucer crashed in his back yard. The exact details aren’t really made clear, but that’s not important. All you need to know is that these are two guys are best friends who formed a superhero duo, but apparently weren’t very good @ it. Neither the general public or the rest of the superhero community gave them much respect. So, after a few years, they quit and opened a comic-book store which they run together. Then after two years of that, they unretired and got back into the superhero business. But they don’t seem to be having very much luck.

A cosmic tribunal from the future has warned them that they’re remembered throughout history as screw-ups. When they show up to big superhero battles, the other heroes tell them to get lost. When they try to save civilians, the civilians would rather wait for one of the other heroes. But I don’t want to give the impression that this is just about a couple of “loser superheroes”, they are competent heroes, it just a matter of motivation. Effect is far more interested in being a superhero than Mass is. And the strength of this issue is in the interaction between Mass and Effect. We get several scenes of them in their civilian identities, working in their comic-book store, we also briefly meet Chris, a local girls and potential love interest for Mass, and Tommy, a kid who works part-time in their store. These scenes are just as interesting as when they put on their costumes and rush outside to fight the giant talking dinosaur who is dressed like Elvis and playing electric guitar. And if THAT doesn’t intrigue, there’s also a mad scientist in a robot suit of armor with a disintegrater gun.

Much credit goes to writer Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn, their dialog and story structure flows well. It seems that they based the characters on themselves, and it totally works. They don’t feel like “Mary Sue’s” or anything. And artist Michael Mayne does a good job visualizing the story, with a style that’s clean, clear, and slightly cartoonish (& I mean that in a good way). I consider this comic a good debut issue. If the creative team can keep up this level of quality with subsequent issue, I believe they’ve got a hit on their hands.


Available for purchase via DrivThruComics

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