The last time I wrote about this fellow, I was agreeing with him that Tupac was a better rapper than Biggie. I said that if he ran for President in 2016 he’d get my vote. Well, now I’m taking that vote back.

Last Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, which made me very happy, for reasons which I already explained 4 weeks ago in my post WHY I SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS. Senator Rubio issue this statement, which ended with:

My hope is that those of us who believe in the sanctity and uniqueness of traditional marriage will continue to argue for its protection in a way that is respectful to the millions of American sons and daughters who are gay. It is also my hope that those who argue for the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex marriage will refrain from assailing the millions of Americans who disagree with them as bigots.”

Rightwingers always try to pull that crap, whine about how THEY are the victims of intolerance, just because of their beliefs. Please. Hey, Senator Rubio, if you and your fellow rightwingers don’t want to be called bigots, all you have to do is stop being bigots. But if you’re going to espouse bigot views and, more importantly, fight to enact bigoted laws, then I’m going to keep calling what you are. A BIGOT.

I also love the first part of that statement, about how he wants those who agree with him to argue for the sanctity of marriage in a way that is “in a way that is respectful to the millions of American sons and daughters who are gay.” Yes, by all means, tell gay people how they don’t deserve the right to marry the person they love, because that would ruin the sanctity of marriage, but say it in a really really nice way, so they won’t be offended.

Hey, bro, I think our government should legally be able to discriminate against you, because your love is an abomination, BUT IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL. We’re still cool, right?!?

Of course the biggest irony here is that Senator Rubio was hailed as the “savior of the Republican party” (although you see how quick many conservatives, including Sarah Palin, turned on him because of his immigration reform bill) is the son of Cuban immigrants, and is a huge supporter of America’s extreme embargo against Cuba. He slammed Jay Z & Beyoncé for going to Cuba a few months ago, called them hypocrites. Because, according to him, Cuba is supposed to be an oppressive government. Yet he wants OUR government to oppress some of its citizens. Now who’s being hypocritical?!?

Tell you what, Senator Rubio, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t call you a bigot as long as you stop promoting and trying to enforce discriminating laws. You’re free to BELIEVE whatever you want. If you BELIEVE that gay marriage is wrong, that’s just fine. Like I said in my previous post, there’s all sort of thing people do in their personal lives that I personally don’t believe in or agree with. My own biological father has married and divorced 4 women, and is currently married for the 5th time to a woman who is younger than me. I don’t think that is right, but I will never vote to make that illegal, because it’s none of my business. Just like if my brother, who happens to be gay, ever wants to marry another man, that’s none of your business. Like I said, if a gay couple invites you to their wedding, then don’t go. That’s your right. But if you support Federal or State laws stopping them from being able to get married, then I’m going to call you a BIGOT. And no amount of deflection will change that.


    • Yep, he’s just a token. Like Herman Cain, and Allan West. Republicans are so stupid, they think they can just prop up some black or brown face to be their front man, while they continue their white supremacist agenda.


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