The most difficult thing about this film is accepting the starting premise, which is that the drop-dead gorgeous KRISTA ALLEN is having trouble finding and keeping a good man, and therefor feels that she needs to dye her hair blonde to have better luck with men. But, okay, let’s try and just go with that. Allen plays Meg, a brunette who, in the opening scene, gets dumped by her boyfriend and decides to dye her hair blonde. She goes to a Swing dance club with her friend Liv (Maeve Quinlan), where they meet the owner of the club, a man named Van (Michael Buble) who also sings there every night. Van is clearly interested in Meg, and sends her a singing telegram at her job the next day, to ask her out to lunch. Van and Meg have lunch, where she tells him about her dream to find the perfect man, whom she has a clear vision of exactly what he’s like and how her life with him will be.

Meg and Van start going out on a series of dates (a picnic, a boat ride, and bike-riding), but Meg insist that they’re “just friends,” because Van is just not her type, and he claims to accept that, but it’s obvious to everyone except Meg that he wants more. One day at the beach, the run into a man named Brad (Brody Hutzler) who was a guy that she had a crush on back in High School. With Van’s help, she asks Brad out, and starts dating him. Van finally makes his feelings known to Meg, by arranging for a private performance for her at his club, but she re-iterates that she’s not interested in him that way, and leaves to be with Brad. Liv then shows up, and after having dinner together, she and Van start dating. When Meg finds out, she gets angry at both of them, which confuses them. Then Meg catches Brad in bed with another woman, and drives off in anger and gets in a car accident. Van and Liv rush to see her at the hospital, and just as Meg is ready to declare her love for Van, he tells her that he’s planning to propose marriage to Liv. She pretends to be happy for both of them, but is really devastated. Van proposes to Liv during a performance at his club, and she accepts, but as the wedding date draws closer he’s still haunted by his remaining feelings for Meg, who wins a big account at her job which will require he to move to Japan for 3 months, which she hopes to use to take time to get over Van.

Will Van and Liv get married and live happily ever after, or will Meg and Van realize that they’re meant to be together before it’s too late? And do blondes really have more fun, or should Meg go back to her natural brown hair? To see the answer to those questions, you’ll have to watch the movie!

This movie, which was written and directed by Andrew Van Slee, has a decent premise, but a few of its plot points don’t quite work. First, Van is almost too good of a guy, and every time he’s out with Meg they seem to have a wonderful time (Buble and Allen have great chemistry on screen, and it shows), so it’s never understandable why Meg isn’t into him. Plus Brad is portrayed as a stereotypical meathead surfer dude so, other than just being a “hunk”, there’s no reason for Meg to be so into him. It appears to be just because of his looks, which makes Meg rather shallow, so why does Van fall for her in the first place? And why does he wait until after he knows she’s started dating Brad to try to serenade her and declare his love? And then, although Meg is ostensibly the lead character, when we see Van and Liv start dating, they appear to be a much more compatible couple, with Liv being the kind of woman who appreciates a guy like Van, so you find yourself wanting them to be happy together, although the film acts as if we’re supposed to be rooting for Meg and Van to get together. So it’s a little confusing.

Still Michael Buble really stands out for his performance, both as an actor and singer, as this film gives him several scenes where he gets to sing on stage. With a wider release, this film could have been his breakout acting role. I also like Quinlan in all her scenes, I’d say she was almost under-used in this film. And Krista Allen is always enjoyable on screen, so this film is worth it just for her. While I wouldn’t give this film any Oscars, it’s an enjoyable enough way to spend an hour and half. I’ll grade Totally Blonde:


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