First, I hate the way I look in this picture, as I clearly need to lose about 20 pounds, but to Hell with it. I have to share because, look who I’m with!

Yeah, that happened!

I got to meet Krista Allen, in the flesh. The actress I’ve raved about in her performance in TOTALLY BLONDE, her appearances in the second and the fourth episodes of the second season of Mistresses, and whom I watched and reviewed every episode of her sitcom SIGNIFICANT MOTHER, which was sadly not picked up for a 2nd season.

She has, of course, been in many other TV shows and movies over the years, she’s one of those actresses where even if you don’t immediately recognize her name or face, if you check her IMDB you’d likely realize that you’ve seen her in something before.

Her most memorable roles being a three-year stint as “Billie Reed” on Days Of Our Lives, a starring role on the (I think) 11th season of Baywatch, as well as such small but memorable roles as “Lady In Elevator” in the Jim Carrey smash, LIAR LIAR:

The dual-role of Jade Blue Afterglow/Maitreya from the First Person Shooter episode of The X-Files

Stacy, one-half of the angry lesbian couple (with January Jones) in ANGER MANAGEMENT

And Samantha Lane  in the fourth entry of THE FINAL DESTINATION franchise.

Well, she’s recently taken up comedy-writing, and stand-up comedy. So last month, on July 19th, I went to see her perform at a place called Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. This was for a show called COMEDY STEW an all-female comedy show created and hosted by Irina Voronina and Sabra May (who also each performed that night. The other comedians performing that night were REEM EDAN, BROOKLYN JONES, SARAH J. HALSTEAD, DANIELLE PEREZ, and FIZAA DOSANI. It was a great show, all the ladies were funny. I even won a prize, a DVD of a movie that Irina was, which I need to get to watching as I promised I’d review it on my blog. But, of course, I was mainly there to see Krista. And she was very good, I was impressed, especially because it was only her 2nd time performing stand-up. but you wouldn’t have known to look at her. She seemed like a seasoned pro. She had a whole funny bit on the fact that she’s now dating a man who has been her best friend for 20 years, and how weird that is because they already know so much about each other. It was great. I mean, Amy Schumer probably doesn’t need to start worrying just yet, but I think it’s a good bet that if Krista keeps this up that stand-up comedy is going to be a viable second career for her.

But the best part was that we (I went with my brother) got there about 15 minutes early and she was just sitting my the stage, and the place wasn’t very full yet, so we got a chance to introduce ourselves and talk to her. She was SO nice and friendly, I was so happy for that. I told her what a fan I was, and she readily posed for pictures. There’s always a little bit of worry for me when meeting someone I’m a fan of because, y’know, what if they have a bad attitude, and ruin your whole image of them? But that wasn’t the case, I’m an even bigger fan now. She even commented on my Instagram page when I posted our pictures:

Pretty cool, eh? And, yes, for the record, she is just as gorgeous in person as she is onscreen.

And, in other news, in addition to actor, writer, and stand-up comedian, Krista is adding podcaster to her resume.

She’s planning to release a new episode every Sunday. As of this writing, I’ve listened to the first episode, where she interviews comedians Jay Davis and Jaclyn Marfuggi, and I have to say she’s off to a great start. I think it helps that over the years she’s made so many friends in show business, that it will be easy for her to find guests whom she get along with so they all have fun when together, you can definitely feel that in the first episode. It’s 46 minutes and definitely enjoyable to listen to. And I am about to get ready to listen to her 2nd episode, with comedians Ahmed Ahmed and Kate Quigley.

So do yourself a favor and follow THIS LINK to download and scribe on iTunes, or if you don’t have iTunes you can listen and download via THIS LINK.

I also feel the need to mention that the aforementioned Jacklyn Marfuggi also has her own podcast called WHAT’S YOUR JERSEY? and she interviewed Krista on her 13th episode:

I definitely recommend you check that out, if you want to know more about Krista and her background and how she got started in Hollywood. I thought I know a lot about her, but she reveals a lot in this interview that I never knew! It’s very deep (but also entertaining). So you can look that up on iTunes as well, as go directly to the episode HERE

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