Tonight was quite a night for me. I still don’t completely believe it!

First, for those who are new here, read this to catch up: I Met KRISTA ALLEN!

Since that night, last August, I’d seen her again, as my brother and I went to see her perform at The Laugh Factory last month. We happened to sit next to the area where all of the comedians came out from backstage, so Krista saw us when she came out and waved to us as she headed to the stage, and then briefly stopped by our seats to say hi and thank us for coming after she was done performing. Unlike the first show, there was no time for longer conversation or pictures, but it was fun and I’m glad I got to see her perform again (she’s a natural at stand-up comedy). My brother did manage to sneak in one pic of her on stage.

Well earlier this evening, around 4pm she posted a live video on Facebook saying that she was at some Restaurant for their “grand opening”, and was planning to be there until around 7, and was inviting people to come join her. I posted that I wished I could, and she saw my comment, recognizing my name, and asked “Why can’t you come, J.R.?”

Good question. As I sat there I realized that there was no reason I couldn’t go. I looked up the address, and checked it in the Uber app, it was about half and hour away for $12. So…why not?

With that, I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower and got dressed, and hit up Uber. I got there around 5pm, and there she was. The restaurant was PRIMAL KITCHEN, this branch located in Culver City, CA. The owner is Mark Sisson, whom Krista was with in the video. When I got there, the two of them were sitting inside the place together, I showed up and Krista smiled when she saw me, got up and gave me a hug, introduced me to Mark. We moved to the tables outside in front of the restaurant, with a couple of bottles of FitVine Wine, which Mark also owns. And for the next two hours the three of us hung out, and with various people walking by Krista would try to entice them to sample the wine, getting a few takers, and in the meantime we just talked about stuff.

Don’t ask me to remember all of what we talked about, because most of the time my mind was just flipping out on the fact that this was Krista F***ing Allen that I was sitting next to and talking to, like she was a regular person. And that’s the thing, she IS like a regular person! She is so cool and down to Earth, no “Hollywood Diva Attitude” whatsoever. But still, I’m thinking of all the movies and TV shows I’ve seen her in over the past 20 years, and reflecting that I never would have imagined while watching any of them that I’d ever be hanging out with her on a Saturday night like we were old friends. But she is the best.

So 7pm rolled around, and we parted ways. I promised to go see her perform again next month. And then on the Uber ride home I texted my mother to brag about it. ^_^

I’d also like to point out that since the last post, Krista has moved her podcast to a new company and changed the title, it is now:

You can subscribe and listen to on ITUNES as well as on Stitcher Radio or directly via Dragon Wagon Radio. The most recent episode, released today, is the one where she interviews Mark, so be sure to check that out: Dinner +Wine = Winner!


    • Oh, believe me, I would like to. But it appears that she prefers to not discuss that show. It never comes up in interviews, and I remember once looking at her website and that show was conspicuously absent in the section where she listed her acting credits. So if she ever brings it up when I see her (and I saw her again at a comedy show last month), then I’ll ask about it, but I’m not going to be the one to bring it up first, as I don’t want to do anything to annoy her or make her uncomfortable.


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