Halloween Man Christmas Special

Alrighty, folks, it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! And to celebrate, Global Comix has released this special issue starring Drew Edwards’ zany zombie superhero, Solomon Hitch, aka, Halloween Man. In this issue we get two new original stories, separate from the regular ongoing series. Now let’s see how it turned out.

Written by Drew Edwards
Drawn by James Figueiredo
Lettered by April Guadiana
Colored by Dan Conner

In this 22-page story, Solomon must travel down into the underworld to battle a malevolent Fairy God to rescue an innocent soul caught between Heaven and Hell. I know the description sounds more like a horror story than a Christmas story, but Solomon was sent on this mission by Santa Clause himself. So there you go.

It is one of Drew Edwards’ better Halloween Man stories, in my opinion, with a perfect mix of horror, action, and a touch of whimsy. The story also highlights the discrimination that Solomon often encounters due to his “condition,” finding himself being rejected even by those whom he’s trying to help. This is one of the things I like best about the character, and why I’ve been a fan for so many years, dating way back to its days as a webcomic, as it’s a perfect allegory to real-world types of bigotry. Solomon is a decent man on the inside, actually much more heroic and selfless than most “normal” people, but too many people pre-judge him simply because of his outward appearance.

And this story is helped by some truly dynamic artwork by James Figueiredo.

Written by Drew Edwards
Drawn by Kevin Richardson
Lettered and colored by Dan Conner

This 10-page story stars Solomon’s sexy scientist significant other, Lucy Chaplin. While judging a beauty pageant, a group of maniacal monsters attack. Lucy must find a way to defeat the monsters, protecting the contestants (and herself) while also figuring out exactly who is behind this. I can’t say much more for fear of spoilers, but there is a surprising twist in the reveal and motivations of the villains, plus a guest appearance by another of Drew Edwards’ characters, and a hint about Lucy’s background before she got involved with Solomon.

Storywise, it’s mostly action, but with just the right amount of “heart” to give it more meaning. And Kevin Richardson does a fine job on the art.

This issue also contains three pin-up images of Lucy Chapman, drawn by Kevin Richardson, April Guadiana, and Riccardo Desini, respectively.

Altogether, Halloween Man Christmas Special is a great package, designed for established Halloween Man fans and newcomers alike. So if you’re new to the character (and, really, what the heck have you been waiting for?!?), this is a great issue to jump on and see what you think. And if you’re already a fan, you’ll definitely love this so get one for yourself, and recommend it to one of your friends!


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