MISTRESESS S2E04 “Friends with Benefits”


Previously: Mistresses S2E03 “Open House”

Well, just finished watching tonight’s episode. Here’s what I think. First, Krista Allen is back! As Janine the Real (Rich) Housewife again. That’s awesome, I was hoping we’d see her again. It’s just a small role again, but I’ll take it. And also returning is Krya (Ashley Newbrough). I guess she and Harry ARE dating? At least casually. I like her. She’s got such a bubbly personality. And Krya set Joss up with Green Arrow! The original one, from Smallville. Not the current Green Arrow TV show. By that I mean Justin Hartley, who plays a plastic surgeon named Scott. Justin and Jess show some signs of good chemistry here, so I hope they run with that instead of hooking Joss and Harry up together, which I still suspect may be in the cards (I hope I’m proven wrong).

When April, Daniel, Karen, Savi, and Dom had dinner together I couldn’t help but realize how rare this sort of thing is on this show, and that seems kinda odd when you think about. The 4 women are best friends and are always getting together, but we never seem them doing “couples stuff,” with their men included. Well, I guess none of the couples were stable enough last season, but now it makes sense for them to try, even if this particular dinner was rather awkward. It was interesting that they brought up Paul this episode. That storyline is still kinda open. April’s supposedly dead husband is still alive and, as per last season’s finale, was sent back to Florida with his new baby mama Miranda and their son. As far as we know, April never told Lucy (who has a right to know, in my opinion), and he could still return. But now who the heck is Jessica that Daniel got the phone call from? You just knew this bloke is too good to be true, hopefully whatever his secret is it’s a juicy one.

Karen’s online dating excursion was funny. I agree with Sean (Philipp Karner), in this day an age, you have to Google the person before the first date. Who doesn’t? I LOVED Yunjin’s reaction during the dinner when she looked around and saw all the other happy couples, & got so sad. The talk with Savi about how she thinks she’ll always be alone (hey, I’ve had that feeling after a break-up, too…) And then finally we get to the big storyline that they teased in previews after the season premier, Karen’s foray into the world of escorting. After being entranced by her new (and only?) patient Anna’s stories of escorting (she even forgot to take notes), Karen gets the urge to try it herself. I guess after deciding that she’ll be unable to get a man as herself, because of her history which is all online, she strolls up to a man at a bar as JENNIFER. This should be good.

I have to single out Catherine Haena Kim (Anna) who did a great job in her two scenes, explaining how she got to that point and why, looking vulnerable in the first session, and then switching to “everything’s fine” in the next session. It’s clear why she needs therapy (she did try to kill herself after all), although I don’t know if Karen is the best qualified therapist she could be seeing right now…

And, last but not least, so the mysterious stranger (played by Jason Gerhardt) is Zack, the man whom was driving the other car that was in Savi’s crash last year. I saw some folks on FB guess that last week, but that never occurred to me. That’s an interesting twist, but they made it seem plausible why he would seek her out. And Savi finally got a real emotional scene about her miscarriage. Great job by Milano there. And, again, it felt natural that she would confide in this “stranger” before sharing her feelings with her friends or even Dom. Now where do they go with this? That’s the big question.

Also in the episode I liked the actress (I didn’t catch her name) who played the H.R. woman that Savi and Dom “came out” to. So that ends that subplot. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re dropping the Toni character, who didn’t appear this episode. Dom’s been clear that he’s not interested in her, and now that he and Savi’s relationship is in the open, it’s not like there’s anything Toni could possibly hold over him. I was enjoying Rebeka Montoya as an addition to this cast, I hope there’s still some good plans for her.

Overall, the show bounced back this week!

MISTRESSES airs Monday Nights @ 10pm on ABC
You can also watch episodes online via http://abc.go.com/shows/mistresses


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