Alyssa Milano Leaving “Mistresses”?!?


Dang, just read the good news yesterday that Mistresses has been renewed for a 3rd season, set to premier next summer. But then we get the news today that Alyssa Milano won’t be back for it. ABC is switching filming from Los Angeles to Vancouver to cut costs, but she doesn’t want to relocate because she just had her second baby.

Hey, I totally respect her decision, family comes first. But I have to be honest, this pretty much kills my desire to keep watching the show. I’ve enjoyed watching, recapping and reviewing each episode for the past 2 seasons here on my blog, and have got many hits from them, (including on my biggest blog ever), but as I said right from the very first episode, the only reason I even started to watch the show in the first place was because Alyssa Milano, one of my childhood celebrity crushes, was on it.

Sure, there are other enjoyable elements of the show, the writing is clever and witty, and I like the rest of the main cast too, including Rochelle Aytes, whom I covered in my Actor Spotlight, but the show was built around Milano and her character, Savi. Even though her story took a bit of backseat in Season 2, due to Milano’s real-life pregnancy, she was still the glue that drew the show together. The big finale of Season 2 with Joss and Harry getting together is only interesting because of how will that relationship affect Savi, who had just realized that she still had lingering feelings for Harry. Now she’ll have to deal with her baby sister dating her ex-husband. That’s incredible potential for drama. But if Savi’s not there, then Harry and Joss are just a regular couple. So no big deal.

So I don’t think I’ll bother with season 3. I may check out the premier just to see how they handle it, but even if I think it’s okay, my motivation to watch and study each episode so I can review it is definitely gone. I feel a little guilty because I’m being followed on Twitter but several of the show’s writers, including the creator of the show, K.J. Steinberg, and they’ve occasionally retweeted my reviews, as have some of the cast members, so I know they appreciate my small attempts to help promote the show, so I kinda feel like I’m letting them down if I stop. But it is what it is.

Maybe if they find a really great actress to replace her? Perhaps if they brought back Krista Allen’s character, from episode 2 and episode 4 of Season 2, upgrade her to the main cast? Then I’d stick with it. But right now? Not so much.

Either way, best of luck to the cast and crew, and to Alyssa. It was fun while it lasted.

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