500 (and 1) FOLLOWERS!

500 follows

I swear, it’s just a coincidence. Just yesterday, I read a post from a blog that I follow that she hit 500 followers, and now today I get the above notice from WordPress that I’ve also hit that number. Add that to the fact that I also recently hit 100,000 views, that’s pretty Cool.

Of course, the big difference is that it only took her 7 months to hit that milestone, while I said the other day this incarnation of this blog has been up since December 2010 so it’s been a much slower road for me to reach this particular milestone. But that’s fine, like I said yesterday It’s not like I’m doing this for money, it’s just something I feel compelled to do, and would continue writing a blog even if I had zero followers and no views. I just love to write about life, the universe, and everything.


So, once again, those of you do read, whether you’re following via WordPress, or email notification, or you’ve bookmarked the site and check it occasionally, or are just passing through clicking one particular post from a Google search or link on some other site, THANKS FOR READING!



  1. Keep on blogging — It sometimes takes time but you will end up with your share of the vast blog audience — there are more than 150 million blogs out there and if you have 500 followers in the short time you say you have been “on the air” then you are doing very well indeed! Stick with it because I have looked at your blog more than once and I think it is outstanding — you will develop your own “community” around your blog — I already consider myself a part of it. Keep up the good work.


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