written by Benjamin Baily and Joey Esposito
Drawn by Boykoesh
Published by Monkeybrain Comics

This issue opens with a multi-page flashback detailing the history of the Captain Ultimate, a standard archetype of the classic flying superhero, ala Superman and Captain Marvel. He was the greatest hero on Earth for many years, until one day he just disappeared, with no explanation, never to be seen or heard from again. Now most people don’t remember his existence, and the only evidence of his adventures is in old cheap comic-books about him that almost nobody reads anymore. But one young boy who still loves reading about Captain Ultimate is Milo, who discovers on old comic @ his local comic-store, and the owner gives it to him for free, since Milo can’t afford the .25 cents it costs, and nobody else wants it anyway. As Milo walks the street while reading the comic, he marvels at the adventures of Captain Ultimate fighting a mutant dinosaur and the supervillain Dr. Destruction. Then Milo runs into some other kids, who want to play superheroes, and asks Milo to join them, playing the supervillain that they can fight. But Milo tells them that he wants to play a hero like Captain Ultimate, but the kids just laugh @ him when Milo explains who Captain Ultimate was and what he does (they think Captain Ultimate is “lame” because he “doesn’t kill anybody”).

As Milo walks away angrily, the giant robot alien monster suddenly starts attacking the series. Everyone runs and hides, and Milo manages to save one of the kids from getting stomped on by the robot. Then a group of superheroes, with names like Grim Avenger, Rude Justice, and Blud Knight show up, but when they see how dangerous the robot is, they run off, so Milo decides to do something and throws a rock @ the robot, which catches its attention. And that’s when Captain Ultimate arrives, to save the day and fight off the robot. The story ends with the public amazed by Captain Ultimate’s return, while Captain Ultimate acknowledges Milo as a hero. TO BE CONTINUED.

A pretty simple, but fun little story, with themes that harken back to classic Saturday morning cartoons. I love the earnestness of the young boy, Milo, and it will be interesting to see in upcoming issues if his faith in the heroic ideals of Captain Ultimate are justified. If you have young children that you’d like to try to get interesting in comics, this would be perfect for them. Very well done.


Learn more about Captain Ultimate here:
Captain Ultimate #1 is available on Comixology.

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