written by Benjamin Baily and Joey Esposito
Drawn by Boykoesh
Published by Monkeybrain Comics

Since I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of this new series, I had to get the 2nd issue, albeit a few weeks late, to see what happens next for our main character, Milo.
The story opens an undetermined amount of time since Captain Ultimate’s glorious returns to action. Copies of Captain Ultimate’s old comic, the one that the comic-shop owner gave to Milo for free, because no one wanted it, are now selling for $50. And Milo is a bit of a celebrity himself now, as the kid in school who used to make fun of him now want his autograph, because he’s considered Captain Ultimate’s pal. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t the only ones who noticed Milo’s interaction with the Captain, as the school bus they are riding in suddenly finds itself under attack from the fiendish flying green-skinned supervillain, Dr. Destruction!

Thanks to some quick-thinking, Milo helps get the other kids to safety, and draws Dr. Destruction’s attention just to himself, but just as the villain prepares to swoop in for the kill, Captain Ultimate arrives on the scene and battles him to a standstill in the middle of an amusement park. After the villain is subdued, Captain Ultimate gets to work cleaning up the mess they made, and Milo invites him to come have dinner with his parents at his house. Milo’s dad is very pleased to meet the superhero, but Milo’s mom is concerned that other supervillains may now be coming after her son, just to get to Captain Ultimate. So the Captain announces his plan. He wants Milo’s parents permission to train Milo to be his official sidekick! Will Milo’s parents allow this, despite the possible danger? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out! And you should, because it’s a good book. As I said last time, this is a perfect book for anyone who has a young child, and wants to introduce them to comics, the Captain is a traditional noble superhero, and Milo is a relatable protagonist, and earnest young boy who just wants to help others. In addition to the main story, there are also a couple of sub-plots going on in this issue. The Super Revenging Society, the badass superhero team from the last issue, are jealous of Captain Ultimate because since his return he’s getting all the adulation from the public, causing them to be dropped by their agents, and lose their various licensing deals, because no one cares about them. So they become determined to find some dirt on Captain Ultimate, to ruin his reputation. And Mitch Mackey, the editor of the local newspaper, has just hired Ricki RatCliffe, a new reporter who claims to know everything about Captain Ultimate. The solicitation for the next issue claims we’ll learn his secret origin. So that’s something to look forward to.

A good comic all around. GRADE:

And it’s easily available via download on Comixology for only .99 cents! You can’t beat that price!

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